Looking to discover some delicious new recipes to feed your cravings?  I was offered a review copy of My Recipes, America’s Favorite Food.  Read on because you could win a copy, too. This is a collection of favorite 200 recipes from magazines, such as: All You, Cooking Light, Health, Real Simple, Southern Living, and Sunset.  Not only does it have some recipes that really are popular crowd-pleasers but the book has a modern technological twist, too. The twist could make it extremely helpful for those of us who are culinarily (is that a word? It is now!) challenged or who want to make something yummy and don’t know exactly the best way to butterfly something or perform another kitchen technique.

Scan-It / Cook-It

If you’ve got a smartphone, you can download, for free, the Digimarc app which will let you scan, with your camera, for help on specific recipes.  Not every recipe in the cookbook has this feature but quite a few do.  The first one I looked at, for instance, was for a recipe for Coconut Shrimp with Maui Mustard Sauce.  By scanning the photo on the page, I got connected with a video that helps you learn how to peel and butterfly shrimp.

The app was easy to find in my app store.  The app itself, however, didn’t seem 100% iPhone friendly. The text I was taken to was small and didn’t fit my iPhone screen fully. I had to do a bit of scrolling to see the whole page.  I clicked the video play button and the video was full screen and very helpful.

Vivid Photos and Helpful Icons

The book offers a lot of colourful photographs with helpful symbols to give you some info about the recipe(such as ‘low calorie, slow cooker, kid-friendly,gluten-free, under 30 minutes, and so on).

Some of the recipes I am drooling over include:

  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip – I often enjoy this in a restaurant and wax lyrical about how dangerous it would be if I learned to make it at home
  • Uh-oh!

  • Smoked Turkey Lentil Soup – Thanksgiving is coming and why not have another recipe in your arsenal to make eating turkey for a week straight more palatable?
  • Buttermilk Chicken Tenders – a Great Kid-Friendly favourite
  • Grilled Cilantro Chicken with Pickled Tomato and Avocado Salsa – This graces the front cover and made me salivate. (Take a look at it on the photo below)
  • There’s also a dessert section with some adorable-looking pumpkin cheesecake bars that are garnished with cute whipped cream ghosts (omnomnom…I bite your head off!). This could make for a fun halloween cooking project!

Anyway… there is a great variety of meals, appetizers, and beverages in the book.

Want to buy it or learn more about it? Check it out on Amazon. You can buy it for Kindle, too.

Free Cookbook Drawing:

We’re giving away a copy! Please tweet this post and then comment with your Twitter username for verification.  I will draw a random winner from commenters two weeks from today, on  October 17th.  The winner will be contacted by me  by email address (please include a valid one!)  to notify you that I will be supplying your contact details to the publisher who will arrange to ship your free copy directly to you. If I don’t get a confirmation by the first winner within 24 hours of contact, I will choose an alternate winner.



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Trying to conceive and considering invitro fertilization or some other fertility treatment? You might want to know (especially if you’re Canadian) that some doctors won’t allow women with a body mass index over 35 receive fertility treatments due to increased risk and increased difficulty administering treatments. Canadian press have been covering this issue ( http://www.citytv.com/toronto/citynews/life/health/article/155826–doctors-to-consider-barring-obese-women-from-fertility-treatments) and it’s expected to be debated at the 2011 annual Toronto Meeting of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (more info available at http://www.cfas.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=799&Itemid=542)

  • Do you agree with this?
  • Have you, personally, experienced what you perceive to be discrimination about medical treatment due to your weight or another issue?

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Dana Prince on September 5th, 2011

photo: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/agastecheg

Too early for maternity clothes but clothes already feeling too tight? Or…ready for maternity clothes but want to save money? Here are some maternity clothing alternatives and tips to help you cope with that ‘in between’ stage as well as to help you save money on maternity clothes. There are some tips and some…maternity clothing hacks, if you will.

  • Tracksuits / yoga pants. While not always great for the office, in most cases, they can help you get through the evenings and the weekends and dressier yoga pants could be suitable for work as well as giving you plenty of play room as you grow.
  • Tights with a long top.  Slightly bigger tights or tights worn on the hips instead of up at your waist can help.
  • Stretchy jeans that sit on your hips can last a bit longer. If you see sales on these, you might even pick up a few pairs in a size or two larger than your usual size. These will help you through the in-between stage as well as after pregnancy during healing and that stage before you get your pre-pregnancy body back.
  • An elastic band can work well in a pinch, too. Instead of buttoning and zipping your jeans, leave them open and use an elastic to close them. Put one loop over the button and pull the other end of the loop through the button hole and then back around to the button and loop it on. You can also buy a waistband extender, example: pregnancy waistband extender, which can work well for many pairs of your pants.
  • Mens’ briefs or boy shorts can work great instead of highly unattractive, expensive, and huge maternity underwear that take ‘granny panties’ to a whole new level.
  • Consignment stores often have second hand maternity clothing for dirt cheap. It often looks like brand new, as well.
  • Online classified sites, such as Kijiji and eBay will often have sales of maternity clothing in lots for great prices.
  • A larger man’s dress shirt will often do great. You could even add some embellishments on it to make it look more feminine.
  • Shop in the Plus Size store in the clearance rack. Many of these items, particularly shirts and skirts, could be suitable for maternity wear.
  • Buy a few basic bottoms that will mix and match well with dressy and casual tops ( a pair of maternity jeans, a pair of maternity dress pants, perhaps a pair of maternity capris and / or dress shorts)
  • Larger A-line t-shirts. If you wear a small, buy a large. If you wear a medium, buy an XL. Tees are often inexpensive so something you can buy in multiple sizes.
  • Don’t be afraid of fitted clothing.  If it’s long enough that it doesn’t ride up expose your belly or make your belly uncomfortable, wear it. You don’t have to wear tented maternity tops with big bows on them.
  • Accessorize. Even if you’re wearing a plain coloured shirt and solid coloured pants, you can dress it up with the right jewelry so that you’ll feel prettier.

Got any maternity dressing tips to share? Please do!