Dana Prince on September 5th, 2011

Too early for maternity clothes but clothes already feeling too tight? Or…ready for maternity clothes but want to save money? Here are some maternity clothing alternatives and tips to help you cope with that ‘in between’ stage as well as to help you save money on maternity clothes. There are some tips and some…maternity clothing […]

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Dana Prince on August 18th, 2011

Is baby craving sushi? Pregnancy food cravings can be powerful. And sometimes knowing that you can’t have something is enough to bring on a ravenous craving.  If you’re wondering if sushi is safe to eat during pregnancy, you’ll find it on just about every No-No list near the top. But there are some that say […]

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‘Vanishing twin’ explains increased risk of birth defects in surviving baby after infertility treatment Stockholm, Sweden: Australian researchers have made the significant discovery that loss of a twin during very early pregnancy explains the increased risk of birth defects seen in multiple pregnancies after infertility treatment. Professor Michael Davies will tell the annual meeting of […]

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