Too early for maternity clothes but clothes already feeling too tight? Or…ready for maternity clothes but want to save money? Here are some maternity clothing alternatives and tips to help you cope with that ‘in between’ stage as well as to help you save money on maternity clothes. There are some tips and some…maternity clothing hacks, if you will.

  • Tracksuits / yoga pants. While not always great for the office, in most cases, they can help you get through the evenings and the weekends and dressier yoga pants could be suitable for work as well as giving you plenty of play room as you grow.
  • Tights with a long top.  Slightly bigger tights or tights worn on the hips instead of up at your waist can help.
  • Stretchy jeans that sit on your hips can last a bit longer. If you see sales on these, you might even pick up a few pairs in a size or two larger than your usual size. These will help you through the in-between stage as well as after pregnancy during healing and that stage before you get your pre-pregnancy body back.
  • An elastic band can work well in a pinch, too. Instead of buttoning and zipping your jeans, leave them open and use an elastic to close them. Put one loop over the button and pull the other end of the loop through the button hole and then back around to the button and loop it on. You can also buy a waistband extender, example: pregnancy waistband extender, which can work well for many pairs of your pants.
  • Mens’ briefs or boy shorts can work great instead of highly unattractive, expensive, and huge maternity underwear that take ‘granny panties’ to a whole new level.
  • Consignment stores often have second hand maternity clothing for dirt cheap. It often looks like brand new, as well.
  • Online classified sites, such as Kijiji and eBay will often have sales of maternity clothing in lots for great prices.
  • A larger man’s dress shirt will often do great. You could even add some embellishments on it to make it look more feminine.
  • Shop in the Plus Size store in the clearance rack. Many of these items, particularly shirts and skirts, could be suitable for maternity wear.
  • Buy a few basic bottoms that will mix and match well with dressy and casual tops ( a pair of maternity jeans, a pair of maternity dress pants, perhaps a pair of maternity capris and / or dress shorts)
  • Larger A-line t-shirts. If you wear a small, buy a large. If you wear a medium, buy an XL. Tees are often inexpensive so something you can buy in multiple sizes.
  • Don’t be afraid of fitted clothing.  If it’s long enough that it doesn’t ride up expose your belly or make your belly uncomfortable, wear it. You don’t have to wear tented maternity tops with big bows on them.
  • Accessorize. Even if you’re wearing a plain coloured shirt and solid coloured pants, you can dress it up with the right jewelry so that you’ll feel prettier.

Got any maternity dressing tips to share? Please do!

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  1. I tried the elastic to expand the waist of my pants. I save alot of money by doing this. I was able to use a hair tye until around 20 weeks or so and still fit into my regualr dress pants. Yoga pants are another must have while prengnant. I lived in mine from 6 weeks until now and I am sure I will long after my baby is born.

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