Is it safe to take pineapple during pregnancy? Is it advisable at the end of a pregnancy to take pineapple juice or eat the flesh in order to bring on labour?


Eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice is said to be an old wive’s tale to bring on labour for woman past their due date. Large amounts of pineapple juice can,  in fact, cause uterine contractions. It’s for this reason that in early pregnancy, it’s often suggested that you don’t drink pineapple juice in excess amounts.

Why pineapple can cause contractions

Fresh pineapple contains Bromelain which can also soften the cervix . But it is said that it takes large quantities to have any effect which can also result in diarrhea. Some women say that they’ve had zero problems having plenty of pineapple and pineapple and pineapple juice during pregnancy and others claim it brought on labour.

The verdict on pineapple during pregnancy?

Some would say that you should eat it in moderation and watch for any signs of problems before your due date.

If you’re at or past your due date, it might help you bring on labour.


This post has brought a lot of diverse opinions on the topic of whether or not pineapple is ok for pregnancy. Check out the comments and if you have an opinion, feel free to share your take on the topic.

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131 Responses to “Is Pineapple Safe During Pregnancy?”

  1. it is true, u should not have pineapple during any time of pregnancy. it is better not take any kind of risk, when things are doubtful on any issues during pregnancy, instead of trying to find out what the truth is actualy about.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I’d say that erring on the side of caution is always worthwhile especially when it comes to pregnancy. Pineapple is delicious and nutritious but is certainly something that can be avoided for nine months.


  3. for me it is false because during my 9 months pregnancy i ate fresh pine apple everyday but no contraction until the 39 weeks of my pregnancy. pine apple is very healthy rich in calcium that help a baby strong bones, vitamins C to fight infection. my baby is very healthy.

  4. Arlyn,
    So glad all worked out for you. When I wrote this post I was astounded at finding this information as I’d read many baby books and done a lot of research in my own pregnancies and had never heard this information before.

    I’m coming across the info more frequently so thought it worthwhile to report it to my readers.

  5. I heard from a lot of my friends that pineapples were a no no during pregnancy, yet I never read or heard anything about it before I got pregnant. I am 20 weeks now and I know that I am passed the critical months, but I think after reading what you guys said, I am going to just stay away from them. If there is anything that is questionable about eating pineapples, I rather not eat it, and then regret it in the long run. Some people are luckier than others. Every pregnancy is different.

  6. Good call Bonnie. Definitely better safe than regretful!

  7. Pineapple was the thing I most craved throughout my pregnancy. I’m now at 39 weeks and have probably eaten over 30 pineapples during the last 9 months. No contractions for me!

  8. Good to know, Em. I’m sure a lot of women haven’t even heard of this issue. I don’t remember reading anything about it until very recently.

  9. when my aunty was pregnant she use to eat alot of pineapple..she ended up having a stillborn,so i’v always been told to avoid pineapple and fizzy drinks,but i gues not all pregnancys are the same!

  10. I have had loads of probs with ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions for a few months weeks (now 33 weeks so been a long time…) – daily on and off for hours at a time, and midwives and doctors can’t find anything as a cause. It is now really problematic and effecting everything I do.I have just found out that the Bromelain in pineapple may have this effect of causing contractions AS WELL as the positive effect of softening the cervix when you want it to at 40 weeks. I have eaten fresh pineapple nearly every day of my pregnancy and am now definitely STOPPING. It is very frightening when this happens to you. So I would really advise caution.

  11. i hav just eaten a whole pineapple to try n bring on the labour im nearly 36 week cant feel out at min lol i didnt no it cud b harmful just want this baby to come out but healthy, i should hav read this b4 i ate it really :s

  12. I used three different drinks to quicken up delivery. I had un timed contractions for 2 days and was anxious to deliver. So I drank a whole Liter of pineapple juice, I drank tea with cinnamon which is supposed to cause contractions and I took 2 tablespoons of castor oil. I took a nap and woke 2 hours later at 9h47 pm with contractions timed at 10 min. At 1h41 am I had my baby boy. That’s 3h56 min, no laxative effect at all. No epidural!

  13. Thanks for all the info! I’ve been craving for pineapple during my 2nd pregnancy, as I’m in my 31st week now. I did not even have a single bite during my 1st one, as I wasn’t that craving for it. But, I’ve been having almost a pc everyday now. Can’t stop from having it. Maybe i should stop… as for the sake of having my healthy baby delivered naturally…

  14. There is no known scientific evidence to prove that fruits like pineapples and papayas are harmful during pregnancy. If you were to consider the medical evidence touted by some people, it would require consuming kilograms of these fruits at frequent intervals throughout the day to even make a small differece.
    Wake up, throw out all these rubbish old wives tales !!!

  15. This thing is true but unless you have a strong uterus, it doesn’t affect you. Once, a teacher ate just a bite of it and her blood was everywhere. There was another teacher who was pregnant at that time too but she ate loads of Pineapple but it didn’t affect her one bit.
    So, unless you KNOW that your uterus is REALLY strong, you can eat them. BUT most women can’t tell, so better not consume it.

  16. I had never heard of this until today. I’m 29 weeks pregnant, and drank a lot of pineapple juice in the first months, and couldn’t get enough. I also by the pineapple tid bits, and don’t have anything like labor going on.

  17. aaaaaaaaaa i jus had 2 slices…….n im 9 weeks……im worried

  18. Laila, Hope all is well. I’m sure a lot of people have done that without realising it. I only ever heard about this in the last year and in my second pregnancy, Dole pineapple juice was something I drank a lot of in the beginning — thinking it was healthy and good for me & my baby! Now that you know, I’d just refrain going forward.

  19. i am 40 weeks preg. just pass my due date and i cant take it no more am done deen preg. drink some Dole pineapple juice hours ago and nothing happen no contractions, now what do i do?

  20. Best of luck with L&D when it comes, Anonymous. I wrote this post with labour inducing tips: I say have some sex with plenty of nipple stimulation, maybe?

  21. my friend who works as a midwife advised me to have a portion of pineapple at least once a week throughout my pregnancy which i did with no harmful effect. according to her it is bad in excess but a few portions a week can boost a number of vitamins combating tierdness and if used in later pregnancy there is evidence that i can be beneficial in the labour. she also warned me to be careful of any advice or articles published online as they don’t have to actually support thier finding with any research to be published, they just have to be able to pay for the space. this means that alot of people publish medical advice and old wives tales as fact when they have no medical training of qualifications. It’s also important to remember that alot of factors can cause problems on preganancy. I do Avoid anything that worries me but at the same time walking down a street next to a traffic jam is bad for your baby because of the pollution. i agree with doc, everything in moderation.

  22. It is said that pineapple will not have any affect unless your baby is ready to come out anyway…. yes it can soften the cervix but not untill the cervix is ready to ripen on it’s own. My cervix is already softened and I am eating pineapple at the very moment in hopes it will bring on contractions!

  23. Hi, I am now 15 weeks pregent and i am having craving for Pineapple.
    This is my 3rd pregnencies. I never have craving for pineapples and never take any pineapples in my prev. 2 prenencies.
    But this round, I can eat about 2 fresh pineapples in a week.

    I asked my doctor about this, she said it’s ok to take pineapple during pregenency (but i didn’t tell her how much i have taken).

    I think i will control in not more than 2 per week. hope is ok… since the doctor said.. it’s ok. :)

  24. Old wives tale and no scientific proof to back it up. That’s just like saying you can’t reach over your head for anything because it will wrap the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.

    I’m an OB, take my word for it. I’ve NEVER heard of this happening. Underripe pineapple can cause MINOR uterine contractions, but nothing more than a braxton hicks type thing. And more people won’t eat underripe fruit of any kind because of the stomach cramps it can cause (this includes bananas).

    Eat away.

  25. I am 14 weeks pregnant, and just ate a bowl of pineapples, because it felt kind of acidy on my tongue, i decided to check out if it was safe for pregnant women and now i’m reading these posts. I have never heard this before and thought it was safe and nutritious for the baby. Even though there may not be any medical proof against pineapples, i think its better safe than sorry so i think i can stay away from pineapples for the next 6 months seeing that its not something that i’m craving.

  26. I understand no soft cheeses, raw eggs and meat, but pineapple? Please!! I was also told that once baby is here one should drink two to three beers a day to make sure you have enough milk. Would you do that too??

  27. Pregnant women in Hawaii eat pineapple all day everyday.

  28. I found this website because I was looking for information supporting Pineapple decreasing morning sickness. I’m not sure if I’m pregnant, but I’m definately feeling queasy. Over the holidays my Mother-In-Love made a pineapple pie (with whip creme and creme cheese), and it’s the only thing I can eat that settles my stomach. I did find some sites supporting pineapple and I’m sure they are not governed by US medical stuff, if you know what I mean. I like Dayna’a post, women in Hawaii eat pineapple everyday. I think all things made by God have a benefit for us someway.

  29. I’ve been eating a whole pineapple every other week (small amount at a time) since my 2nd trimester and I am still doing fine at 31 wks. Unless there is a scientific report, I think you should use your own judgement. Like anything in life, moderation is the key.

    I like Dayna’s post too. Also, pregnant women in SouthEast Asia eat pineapple all the time and they’re fine. Same thing with sushi and Japanese women. I’m sure they didn’t quit eating their national food altogether for 9 months. I’m not saying go to town on raw fish but moderation is the key.

  30. Hmmm i am 36 wks pregnant and have just been told im gonna have a ten pound baby…..if im not lucky.
    I have been craving for pineapple for the last two weeks and i think that your body will tell you what you need and what you dont.
    So with this i say bring on the pineapple!
    Obviously if you eat pineapple and it makes you bleed, get cramps, dont do it again.. the same applies to bunjie jumping or other extreme sports.
    I do however agree with the morning sickness quote, ginger biscuits stops it in its tracks! fantastic!

  31. Good grief, people. Why are you taking the advice of a stranger’s sister’s best friend? There’s all sorts of junk online and all sorts of wives tales, as others have pointed out. Your body knows what it needs. If you crave it, your body probably needs something in what you’re craving (donuts and candy bars aside if you have a nasty sweet tooth.)

    Unless you’re deathly allergic, a bit of pineapple won’t hurt. Eat some and see how your body reacts. If it makes you naseous, avoid it for now. Listen to your body, not strangers.

    I’ve been eating a lot of fresh pineapple while pregnant and for me, it is the ONLY thing that combats the constipation brought on by the iron pills I need to take. And I’ve had only 1 BH contraction that I’m aware of and I’m due in 7 weeks. For me, pineapple does me lots of good :)

    While you’re avoiding all these fresh fruits and veggies that strangers warn you about, take a moment to go Google the side effects of Pitocin and epidurals on both you and your baby. THAT ought to concern you FAR more for the safety of your baby than fresh fruit. That, and if you don’t deliver in a hospital within about 24 hours of being admitted, they’ll do a c-section on you because your baby’s delivery isn’t meeting the hospital’s schedule. But don’t take my word for it… go look it up for yourselves.

  32. Right on, Anonymous poster above! It absolutely boggles the mind that so many of us will go lengths to avoid eating healthy natural foods that may or may not be harmful in large doses/or *could* pose a risk of bacteria, etc … and yet an amazing number of women don’t even question the drugs & procedures that are routinely given/done to make sure birth occurs on the hospital’s schedule.

    Stop freaking out about eating a serving of fruit and read “Pushed” by Jennifer Block.

  33. People around the world eat all kinds of things and have healthy babies. I bet women in Hawaii don’t stop eating Pineapple. Women in Japan don’t stop eating sushi. I’d rather eat Pineapple than take prescription medication. It boggles the mind that a woman feels safer taking tylenol than say eating a natural fruit.

  34. So I found the below article, and thought I’d share!:

    Pineapple contains selenium…and selenium (an anti-oxident) helps promote a healthy womb lining which is why it is thought to aid implantation. Pineapple also contains an enzyme called bromelain which is contraindicated during pregnancy as it may cause uterine contractions (many people, especially in Asian cultures, suggest eating fresh pineapple to induce labour if overdue)….however, during processing this delicate enzyme is destroyed which is why its ok to drink pineapple juice in moderation when ttc or pg but not to eat fresh pineapple/pineapple pieces etc .

    The preferred juice to drink is fresh, pressed or “not from concentrate”….although not the best, its still ok to drink “from concentrate”…all this means is that the pineapple pulp has been frozen or freeze dried for exportation and then reconstituted with water.

    A small glass of pineapple juice a day is supposed to be good but there are also many other food sources richer in selenium than pineapple (brazil nuts included!)

    This link provides some info on selenium & a list of food souces:

  35. I craved pineapple through my whole pregnancy and have eaten loads of the fruit. My due date is day after tomorrow – and the pineapple didn’t cause any issues with the baby. He’s already 9 lbs! It definitely hasn’t caused any early labor or Braxton-Hicks contractions (although at this point I wish it would…).

    So from my experience – totally safe – and delicious.

  36. My Midwife & OB both said I could eat whatever I want except for unpasterized cheese. Goat is fine, raw fish is fine from a good source. Smoked salmon is fine if its freshly made and for the past few weeks I drove myself crazy worrying about Lemon Grass, Pinapple & Cinnamon.

    As long as you eat moderately its fine, fish maximum twice a week. If you find yourself craving something continueously like a bowl of pinapple everyday then maybe you’re missing something in your diet. Acid & Sweet can also mean a drop of Protien and something else.

    Other than that, enjoy and be reasonable!

  37. Hello,

    I have been eating ALOT of fresh pineapple (sometimes one a day – oink)in the past two weeks. Yesterday, I ended up having to go in to the hospital because of strong Braxton Hicks. I am going to lay off the pineapple now. I had no idea until I started “Googling”.

  38. I ate pineapple and drunk raspberry leaf tea at the end of my first pregnancy and gave birth on my due date, I do think they helped but evrything in moderation surely!? Everyone is different whose to say my labour would have been any different without it?? The french eat evry cheese and fresh shellfish through their pregnancies when we’re told not to! Go with your own feelings!?

  39. WOW!! People say all sorts of things…i live in the Caribbean and i must say we eat everything…fresh fruits and veggies FISH of all sorts etc. Women here have been eating shark for decades and nothing has ever happened to their babies, in fact my aunt ate loads of it with my cousin and he is such a smarty pants, the guy is a senior lecturer at the university and he is a doctor…go figure. Papaya and pineapple is great for bloating and constipation in pregnancy and baby comes out with such beautiful skin. Moderation is the key…and call it barbaric, but unless you go to a private hospital and pay $10000+ to have your baby, its natural birth all the way at the hospitals…give me a break with all the “what not to eat” mumbo jumbo. I’m 22 weeks pregnant, just ate a pineapple, going to have fish for dinner.
    My sister is due in a month and all she eats is fish and fruits. Nice healthy baby boy on the way. don’t be fooled be old wives’ tales peoples

  40. Old wives tale. I see a lot of hypochondriacs and alarmists on here.

  41. I am 11 Weeks and starting eating pineapple and almonds to help with my migrain headaches and morning sickness. The very day I started eating them, the symptoms dissappeared! I had four straight days of feeling great, and it was wonderful. The day I stopped eating them, the headaches and nausea returned.

    I hadn’t heard about the risk factor involved (bringing on labor), so I will take it easy on the pineapple.

  42. I found the article below on a website I consider to be credible.

    Long story short, don’t eat too much pineapple in one day or one sitting and you’ll be fine. I’ve been eating it every day for the past month and a half and haven’t had any issues. I’m 14 weeks and went in for my checkup yesterday. Doctor said baby and mother are fine. Like someone said above, its an old wives tale. If there were any validity to pineapple being dangerous the doctor would have specifically told you not to eat it and it would be published by a medical journal somewhere!!

  43. Save yourself all the chewing…. Just go find yourself some Bromelain and Papain tablets at a health food store. It’s these ingredients in the Pineapple that everyone is referring to. They’re digestive enzymes…. That’s why one of the ladies recently said that the pineapple settled her stomach… She’s right… And someone else said that it prevented constipation. It does work. I’ve used it many times. Papaya is a good choice, too.

  44. Just to say that i’m back from Asia and over different places, locals warned me from eating pineapple while pregnant (am over my 9th week), so Dayna’s argument doesn’t apply….

  45. Wow, never heard about all the negative stuff about pineapple and pregnancy. I’m asian and a lot of asian older people have told me to EAT fresh pineapple because my feet have been so swollen (35 weeks). I thought this was bull. So I googled “Pineapple health benefits” and found out the the bromelin in pineapple is an anti-inflammatory, thus reduces swelling. So I eat it in between meals (with meals it’ll just help with food digestion) and the swelling goes down A LOT.

    I’ve only heard asian myths about Papaya and Coconut Juice causing miscarriages in the first trimester and in the 3rd it’ll help you induce labor.

  46. Im 39 weeks and cant wait to have this baby…. i was telling my nurse this at my appointment and she reccommended pinneaple… i would say to everyone to avoid it until you get close to due date and WANT to go into labor because it produces contractions and thins the cervix

  47. im only 8weeks pregnant and have been feeing relly ill, and all i wante to drink is pinapple juice i did find it made me feel alot better, but i was drinking alot of pinapple juice it was all i was drinking and about 8days after i started drinking pinapple i started bleeding luckly everything was ok. but i thought i would google things not to eat an had seen about pinapple, now im not touching it for nine months! i dont care if its not medical advice and some may be fine to have it but why take the risk when you know there is a possiblity! the old wifes tales used to be all they went on so im guna belive this one and leave out the pinapples!

  48. hi what a load of rubbish, fruit especially fresh fruit is very good for you as for pineapple just as good and defiantly helps with morning sickness bloating swelling and constipation have been eating this throughout my pregnancy and has definitely been of help for me have also
    been drinking coconut juice and guess what no problems if these fruits where to cause problems then the medical community would have recommended that all pregnant women avoid them this is not the case so as with everything eat in moderation and enjoy.

  49. i am confused whether to eat or not.. i am 6 weeks pregnent

  50. Whoever wrote this article needs to chill out and realize that they’re scaring women for nothing.

  51. If there is a possibility that this could cause problems for women, it’s good for them to know. Some may try a piece and see if they have any reaction before deciding if it’s safe for them. Women at high risk of premature delivery might choose to stay away from pineapple entirely. Either way, I think it’s good to at least have the information.

  52. I think this is false. I think most people have either heard it from a friend, read it in an unreliable book or just made it up altogether. Alot of people I believe just eat pineapple, look up that its not good and blame it on problems they may have been having before even having consumed it. Pineapple is not to blame, and the same peptides and vitamins can be found in strawberries and other berries as well as tropical fruit. So to say that you should avoid pineapple is to say to avoid papaya, mangoes, bananas etc. Are you doing that? Chances are you’re not!

  53. Hi whatever tasy, beautiful things are later dangerous. Take care

  54. Ridiculous! You’d have to eat a ton of it for it to be bad for you! The internet is THE worst place to get info on pregnancy! Stick to one source of information instead of all these ridiculous, unfounded stories!

  55. Papaya has been mentioned above as safe. This is not true. Papaya has been used in SE Asia as an abortifacient for many years. This is taken in powder form from UNRIPE papaya. I have seen it used, first hand, and it works. Two small sachets taken 3 times in one day with warm water.

    For this reason I always strongly recommend to pregnant women to avoid Papaya completely – just to be safe.

  56. Ok…Stop scaring all these young mother’s with the pineapple. God gave you a ‘natural instinct’ for what your growing baby is lacking in nutrition (WHAT HE/SHE NEEDS in order to grow).

    I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and excited about the arrival of my little boy….. I have eaten fresh pineapple that I personally cut up throughout my pregnancy. I would get cravings for that fresh pineapple so bad…mmmmm… that I went to publix and bought some already cut up….I ate all of it before I got home (which is about five minutes up the road from a publix).
    Just listen to your body…. If your scared and choose not to partake, that’s fine, more for me ;)
    By the Way, I have not experienced any problems, however, my body told me to eat pineapple. Good Luck!

  57. I haven’t even thought about pineapple until reading this site. Now, I’m craving some pineapple! But, kinda scared to eat any. Sounds so good, though………….ahhhhhh.
    What to do!?!?

  58. hii…
    now am 1 month pregnant,and my doctor told me to dopnt take pineapple and pappayas in firsth 3 monthss
    bt 2day morning accidentally ate one or two small cubes of dries pineppale in worrying abt daatt..plzz pray 4 meee

  59. I was 34 weeks pregnant with my son last year i had a huge craving for pineapple, I went to the store bought two pineapples and watermellon. I let them sit out on the counter for about 3 hours so that they would let all the juice conctrate. I ate one whole pineapple. the next day I ate the other, in 6 hours I was being flown out to the nearist hospital with a nicu. The pineapples had in fact made me go into labor. So Im now 16 weeks pregnant and Im so gonna eat pienapples at the end of this pregnancy since they obvoiusly helped me before, I had no clue that they could do this. The doctor said that I had ate a large amount of the pineapple and it helped put me into labor. WHO knew????

  60. i ate a bit too much pineapple when i was 7 months pregnant with my second child and boy did my stomach hurt for hours. It really freaked me out, and then i found a article about this being an old wives tale. Then i just ended up having a large bm(sorry tmi).
    I’m 39 weeks, and five days and bought some sliced fresh pineapple in hopes to start some labor, but will do in moderation. Last time i just totally over did it lol…..

  61. Oh sheesh… more fear-mongering! Eating ANY healthy food is better for you than most of the junk I see pregnant women eating every week!

    PLEASE enjoy some pineapple, as much berries, bananas, as you like. Mix it all up in a lovely smoothie, add some fresh baby spinach leaves (the flavor’s so mild you won’t taste it, I promise!), and drink a refreshing and delicious Green Smoothie. Your body and your baby will both than you for nourishing them so healthfully!

    If you put a 1/4 cup of flax seed in FIRST, then add the fruit and veggies, you’ll add good omega-3 fats too, which your baby will need for growing brain cells during that third trimester.

    Be well, be happy, be RELAXED! Then love your precious baby and sing to him/her while you nurse – and drink more green smoothies post partum to help your body recover, and to nourish your milk for the baby.


  62. Bromelain is destroyed during the juicing or can process…… I’ve eaten pineapple (currently 11 weeks), and prawns, and guess what…… i’m okay!

  63. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me everyone! lol…..I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I have eaten 2 whole pineapples in the last couple days. Can’t get enough! I guess I’m going to have to at least slow down.


  65. It’s a wives tale. Don’t you all think if there was anything in this that you would be told by your midwives / OB. It would also be listed on the foods to avoid.

    The fact you haven’t heard / seen it anywhere is that it is exactly that a WIVES TALE.

    If you feel like pineapple have it, the vitamin C is great for the baby and much better for you then other sweet things like icecream lol.

  66. as i sat here and read these comments i was chowing down on a can of pineapple! I have been eating 1 8oz can a day since i was about 20 weeks. I am now 28 weeks and have no signs of labor!! I say go ahead and eat what your craving! If it really was not safe to eat dont you think your OB would have told you not to eat it?? Im going to continue to enjoy this juicy pineapple!

  67. im soon to be 20 weeks pregnant and i brought pineapple creme dessert thing is it ok to eat during the pregnancy? this is my first pregnancy…thanks

  68. well this is dumb…seriously! everyone’s body is different. How do you know your pregnancy went wrong because of a fruit? theres millions of other factors that could make a pregnancy go wrong. I would be more worried about eating a burger from mcdonald’s or a taco from taco bell than worrying about eating something thats nature made. It is very true that thing in moderation are not harmful but if you go eat a whole pineapple im sure theres a big risk of something happening wether you are pregnant or not.

  69. hay im 36 weeks to day and i ate a pine apple yesterday and i lost my plug no contractions lets c wa happens as ive eaten another one i am worryed now should of read this site first x

  70. i am 36 weeks is it safe to eat pineapple now my baby is due in( may 2 2011 ) let me know i am really tired of this pregnancy help me

  71. thank’s for info, because before i used to drink pineapple juice everyday, now i read this all messages i’d rather not to drink pineapple juice at all..

  72. ive been getting contractions since last tuesday but nothink is happening so i thought i would try a pineapple but nothink is till happeneg would somethin happen straight away or takes time please help

  73. I have never heard about pineapple bringing contractions. And i use to eat it all the time and never felt any pain, contractions or anything at all.
    just recently i heard that pineapple brings contractions and i still didn’t believe in that ( i mean seriously? it just a fruit lol)
    im 38 weeks pregnant now and i had pineapple just not long ago, and it really does bring some contractions
    Nothing big and serious, but i definitely get light contractions when i eat some
    and baby starts moving a lot
    so i think it does something, we all different so it may not work for some womens
    in my own experience it does, but its not that strong for even pack my bag lol
    good luck to everyone and just remember, sociably early, or fashionably late or precisely right on time, ur baby will be here soon;)

  74. Everyone had their own opinions and experiences so it’s best to go with your own instincts. If you are afraid to eat pineapples during pregnancy, by all means refrain. I am 21 weeks pregnant and have never touched a single piece of pineapple during this pregnancy as I come from South East Asia and we have been forewarned many times about the so called dangers of pineapples during pregnancy (they are believed to be “sharp” and may bring about pre-term labour and stimulate uterine contractions) so am definitely not taking the risk. But I did drink a bit of pineapple juice during the first trimester coz I had some sort if a craving for it during that particular time I saw a carton in the fridge LOL. However, papayas are fine, provided that they aren’t young papayas ie those green unripened ones as researched has been conducted and unripe papayas have a certain enzyme that would bring about uterine contractions. As for pineapples, just make sure they are ripe enough for consumption and a piece or two per week wouldn’t hurt in my opinion. Just not everyday.

  75. I, too have been craving pineapple with this pregnancy! I am 17 weeks now and have been eating a ton of pineapple in the last couple months… figured it was better than chocolate or other sugary treats. Makes me wonder!

  76. Hi i ate pine apple during the second month of pregnancy,without knowing that i m pregnant.bcoz my periods are not correct.but stil it didnt affect me and nw i m 30weeks.

  77. No doubt everyone has spoken well but come to think of it! Is the sugary content of pineapple not too much for a pregnant woman? I agree with what someone said that moderation is the key!

  78. hi now i’m a 4th month pregnant i ate 2 pieces of pineapple 4 weeks before what to do now is it good for pregnant or not

  79. Oh my word, people! Pineapple is not some evil, baby killing super food. It is, however, a vitamin packed, perfectly safe fruit to eat, at any time during your pregnancy, post partum or otherwise. Use common sense!!! There are very few foods that should actually be avoided during pregnancy. Most of the ‘no-no list (sushi, coffee, hot dogs, soft cheeses) are old wives tales. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs -prescription, otc and otherwise. Eat healthy but don’t put severe restrictions on yourself. ENJOY YOUR PREGNANCY!!! EDUCATED YOURSELF. Don’t listen to stupid shit like this. If it sounds ridiculous (dont eat fruit??)it probably is!!!

    PS. I ate three pounds, yes, THREE POUNDS of pineapple a day for the first 14 weeks of pregfruit as it was the only food I could tolerate. Everything is JUST fine. Baby and I are completely healthy. And if something was wrong, I wouldn’t blame the fruit.

  80. I have read varying information on pineapple and pregnancy, but it is, in my opinion, better to err on the side of caution when pregnant. I mean, why risk it for pineapple? Chocolate maybe, but pineapple? (joke) I do know that it can cause your period to start early as it has happened to me…I mean literally started cramping right after eating fresh pineapple and started my period an hour later. I have never started early in the 16 years I have had my cycle so pretty sure it was the pineapple. There is scientific reasoning for this as stated in at the above article so I would say it’s probably not some made up old wive’s tale. At any rate, I encourage everyone to listen to their doctor over online bloggers and, when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

  81. I love pineapple be it fresh or canned. I was told a while back when I had very bad heartburn to eat some pineapple, I was shocked cause it actually helped relieve me from the non-stop burn. I noticed that I had started wanting more pineapple and my husband would joke with me “Looks like someone maybe prego”, we have been trying but after several negative test I stopped buying them. Then I started getting sick all the time and just so happen I had a preg. test that I had tossed under the sink. It was positive :) Ever since I found out that I am expecting #2 I have been sick as a dog! I decided that everytime I felt sick, even the slightest bit I would eat some pineapple. Needless to say I have stocked up!! I highly recommend eating pineapple to help with heartburn and feeling nauseated during pregnancy. It helped me, hope it works for you :)

  82. I looked up pineapple because both times I have eaten it in my first trimester, I threw up. Weird! Those were the only times!

  83. As a naturopath and a herbalist, I was really surprised to hear about pineapple this way because I had NEVER heard about it in my training or in my work experience. I’ve done some reading and you really need to be eating the equivalent of about SEVEN pineapples a day to really have an effect. And believe me, I don’t think you could get through TWO pineapples a day without burning off your tastebuds!
    Pineapple is incredibly good for you and those of you saying (very old comments now) that you’ll avoid it because it’s better to err on the side of caution just need to settle down. I’m sure you haven’t all sworn off all fried foods, processed foods, caffeine (and yes, I’m including chocolate)and personal care products with synthetic dyes and perfumes. Pineapple is much less of a hazard than they are!
    I think the only case that I’d recommend a client avoid it would be if they had a weak cervix to begin with.
    The pure extract of bromelain (the enzyme in fresh pineapple that causes the purported effect – amazing stuff) is available in capsule form and I certainly wouldn’t prescribe that to a pregnant woman at any time because THAT is much more concentrated.
    So chill out and enjoy some pineapple (I eat about a pineapple a day and have done throughout my pregnancy and I’m fine at 35 weeks).

  84. from Anas
    it is true pineapple made me have a miscarriage. so Pls. not at early stage of pregnancy. You can eat at the latter days of your pregnacy.

  85. I am not a fruit lover but one of my favorite fruits is pineapple, I just had a huge glass of fresh juice with lunch and now I am kind of worried :(
    I am 24 weeks and soo freaked out something may happen to my baby!! Not only because of this but I hear new do and donts everyday, kind of overwhelming….

  86. From what I’ve read it seems the only way pineapple would work is if it is fresh pineapple and if you’re already dialating. It only helps with progress its not to start the labor completely! So if ur not dialating or anything then its a chance its not gonna work!

  87. Don’t eat to much pineapple it cause stomachache..

  88. Is there any problem to eat pineapple & milk at the same time?

  89. my colleague had a miscarriage after eating a lot of fresh pineapples.
    her OB advised her that it’s not advisable to eat pineapple and papaya during early pregnancy

  90. Came across this article as I have my own experience with pineapples.
    Had it in juice form some yeas ago and ended up with severe back pain (immediately).
    Avoided it at all costs. Then a month or two ago had some juice again, didn’t feel
    any noticeable pain. Then I had pieces of fresh pineapples(quite a bit) a couple of Sundays ago, and am still bleeding, No, it is not my period.
    I believe that it is due to the large amount of pineapple I consumed, but to just be on the
    safe side I went to the doctor and will take an ultra sound scan of the pelvis and pap smear test to rule out other causes. It’s too much of a coincident that all the bleeding started after the pineapple eating binge.
    I have no proof, but I would suggest that pregnant women would be careful with it.Each one of us react in a different way, so take care.

  91. I think you’re pretty safe having the odd can here and there the research mentions unripened fresh pineapple.

  92. In my third pregnancy I craved nothing but pineapples and ended up miscarrying my twins at almost 4 months…I looked this up because I am pregnant now and started to want pineapples again…I think I will stay away from them this time!

  93. my midwife has told he to have half a cup of pinapple juice every second day…

  94. o im only 20 weeks btw

  95. pineapples are good especially when your experiencing heartburn and acid reflux. it helps you speed up digestion during pregnancy. am 36 weeks now and found pineapples arent bad at all.

  96. goodness gracious, pineapple is fine, enjoy.
    i understand how worried us mothers can be because we love our babies and want them healthy. i was always so worried in the beginning of my pregnancy about certain foods and things to avoid because of the harm it’ll do to my baby. it drove me nuts and trust me, that stress and worry is what is not good for yourself or baby. stop stressing, mothers, and enjoy the wonderful experience into mommy hood!

  97. DOCTORS says pineapples are ok to eat during pregnancy!!!!

  98. I really dont want to be rude, but honestly. You ladies are unreal. Pineapple is very healthy for you. If u do anything out of moderation, yeah it will probably be bad for you. Drinking to much milk is bad for you…. but just because you ate some. Doesn’t mean you need to freak out and get all paranoid.. It can help soften the cervix, but if u eat pineapple to help u go into labor. You most likely wont until your body is ready…. lol

  99. Just to clear things up.. Bromelin, which is found in pineapple, is what causes uterin contractions during pregnancy. Canned pineapples and pineapple juices do NOT contain Bromelin, only fresh pineapples and their juices do. Drinking or eating mass quantities of canned pineapples is not going to have a negative affect on you or your baby. If you don’t believe me.. look it up.. or better yet.. you can do a little experiment with both fresh and canned pineapple and some jello. (You can look up how to do this online as well)

  100. I know this is an old thread already – but it illustrates how important it is not to react to something as a fact just based on a little bit of knowledge that someone posted online.

    Eating one food three times a day, every day is not a healthy eating practice, pregnant or not.
    Avoiding a healthy vitamin rich food because you are “erring on the side of caution” is not really a healthy eating practice either – but do it if it makes you feel better! Just don’t advise other people to avoid those foods just to be “safe” because that is not a factual or healthy piece of information – it is a piece of half-information taken out of context.

    There are cultural differences in what foods and activities we are told to avoid during pregnancy. It is important to research thoroughly using both medical and non-medical sources of information as well as learning to trust and tune into your own body to get a more complete picture.

    Pregnancy diet – moderation and variety of natural foods is key to good health.
    Pineapple is very healthy. Eating some pineapple is fine, and will not cause problems unless you are allergic to it.
    The enzyme in fresh pineapple (bromelain) which has people worried needs to be consumed in extremely large quantities to have an effect on your uterus (talking ’bout huge mega piles of fresh pinapples). One pineapple ain’t gonna do it, sorry!
    Same with Papaya – the papain in papayas can cause mild uterine contractions. however, papain is mostly accessible from unripe papayas, and again a very, very large quantity or a very concentrated extract is needed to get the amount needed to cause a contraction.
    Surprise – sesame seeds are another food that can possibly cause uterine response in extremely large quantities. We coulod go on and list more things – but the point is – you need unhealthily large quantities and unhealthy eating practice to obtain these negative results.
    Since many foods can potentially cause mild uterine contractions, some cultures say to avoid these foods (just like they say to avoid sex) in the first trimester as a precaution with the idea that uterine contractions in early pregnancy could prevent implantation of the fertilized egg – but keep in mind the egg implants around 5 -6 days after fertilization and if everything is dividing properly, will thrive and be very, very difficult to dislodge! If you body miscarries your baby it is very sad but there are a host of reasons why this has happened – a common one being chromosomal problems in the fetus. All the major organs needed for a baby to grow develop in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy – so if there is a problem with the perfect pairing of chromosomes that has to happen for the baby to develop this is where it will most likely show as going wrong – and why most people feel “safe” after 12 weeks when the fetus has all the organ formation under way.

    Because the chance of miscarriage is higher in the first trimester, there are a host of items people look to pin the reason to. However, if you have a miscarriage in the first trimester it is most likely to be chromosome related – or possibly hormonally related with the mother such as low progesterone levels not supporting the uterine lining. It is not because you ate a piece of fruit. Women often get extremely nervous in the beginning of their pregnancy – worrying about things like – “oh my god, i just took a hot shower – did I harm my baby?” and “i drank half a beer – did i harm my baby” etc this usually passes by the second tri! A perfect example is how many previous posters worried they just ate a piece of pineapple what should they do? Tell you what – Relax -enjoy your pregnancy and love yourself and your baby and eat a healthy well-balanced diet and get some fresh air and some exercise and treat yourself with kindness.
    The same does not hold true with things like raw cheeses and raw fish and deli meats and prepared food dishes (although these can often be eaten with no problem) because the issue there is listeria, a bacteria which can kill a fetus, and because the mother’s immune system can be slightly compromised during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester to fight off the bacteria if it is present. Most times eating these food items will be fine – these foods don’t often have listeria in them but sometimes they do, and when the listeria is present it can cause a real problem. So “erring on the side of caution” makes sense to avoid a bacteria – especially if you do not know the source of the food product such as the farm or place where it was prepared. In Europe where they eat raw milk cheese more often there is often a specific region or small town that produces the cheese, it only comes from that one place, and is much easier to track and trace the methods of preparation and test for contamination – so it is less of a problem there. You might remember how we just had a big listeria scare on melons! Should you never eat a melon now?

    On the other hand, it does not make much sense to “err on the side of caution” to avoid eating any pineapple or papaya or sesame product etc (unless you already have a health problem) because to cause a uterine contraction that could cause a problem – you would have to consume such a huge amount of each of these foods it would actually be difficult to do it, but people are always full of surprises i guess! By similar logic – did you know you can die if you drink too much water? Better not drink any! It just does not make a healthy decision to do things this way.

    Mild contractions in your uterus are a pretty normal part of a healthy pregnancy, they happen as a sort of practice for your uterus, they happen when you have sex (orgasm). It is usually not a cause for worry unless – key word unless – you have other health issues that are affecting your pregnancy such as placenta previa or “incompetent cervix”.
    When you get to the end of your third trimester it is pretty common to have braxton hicks contractions whether you eat a pineapple or never touch one. Some women also lose their mucous plug, dilate their cervix, and some go into labor soon after even if they never eat pineapple and some women go around for weeks like that no matter how much pineapple they eat, and some do not go into labor until finally induced by a doctor. This is all normal and to be expected. Doctors don’t really know exactly what causes labor to start – some research is looking at the possibility it is a hormone released by the baby that elicits a response from the mom’s pituitary which then sends a signal to the uterus to begin labor contractions.

    Late in pregnancy, mild contractions can sometimes help to trigger the larger contractions that signify labor, but not until the body is ready. So it can help, not harm.

    Some things that I think most can agree on – stress and worry are not healthy for pregnancy. Poor diet, and not enough variety of fruits and vegetables are not healthy for pregnancy. Excessive behavior habits such as binge-eating or obsessive worrying are not good for pregnancy.

    So eat a piece of pineapple! Enjoy yourself, your pregnancy, your enhanced taste-buds and sense of smell, feeling the life growing inside of you.

  101. 37 year old new wife,I have an torn cuff muslce,I have to take something it work……can pineapple I will pray that if god wants me to have this baby I will….no matter what

  102. I’m 35 weeks and been eating lots of pineapple thruout my pregnancy. Nothing happened. Mayb I’m gona start eating more of them.I wanna go imto labour on time.

  103. People here are very confused.
    First of all, it has to be fresh pineapple, which contains bromelain.
    If you had canned, etc… of course it wouldn’t bother you. So your results are not relevant.

    It probably depends on how much and the condition of your uterus… but I would not risk it. I have used it in the past to bring on a late period with much success (and no I did not consume the exorbitant cartoonish amounts others specify are necessary to bring on contractions).. even once when I had symptoms of pregnancy.. my period was very heavy with large blood clots that month as well.

    Ha.. just because it’s not in a “medical journal” doesn’t mean anything. When there is enough anecdotal evidence going around as well as my own experiences, yes it IS better to err on the side of caution rather than to risk your own baby over a stupid pineapple. Common sense. There are many fruits to eat that do not carry such extensive historical claims of miscarriage/contractions.

    Of course the other fruit to avoid would be UNRIPE papaya.

  104. Ladies,please,it is true!ate lot of pineapple yesterday and by night time,was having uterine contractions.Moderation is the watch word,help yourself and your baby please.Dr Bridget.

  105. I only heard about its disadvantage 2 days ago when an Indonesian friend told me that it makes the uterus too hot for the baby and that where she’s from, it is used to induce abortion. I am 11 weeks pregnant and I remember I had some severe cramps during my 8th week when I had pineapple juice and my doctor told me the baby had some days’ growth delay on ultrasound but i didn’t think it could have been caused by the pineapple juice I drank. Now I know because today,Ii asked my OB/GYN and she told me to avoid pineapples and said exactly the same thing my friend said. So all the canned pineapples i have bought will have to wait till after delivery.

  106. You are all such lemmings. NEVER believe the crap you read on the internet. Unless you are my doctor, don’t tell me what to eat.


  107. Gee thanks helpful, Carol. thanks SOOOO much for your valuable contribution to the conversation!


  108. Well its better safe than sorry….so am stayin away till I make my baby….

  109. Hi – I visited my midwife today and asked the question as i have been craving a lot of pineapple and she said it is absolute rubbish. Pineapple is very healthy for both you and your baby. :-)

  110. @Veronica – It’s only FRESH pineapple and pure squeezed pineapple juice that is thought to do this!

    No one can really say if it’s true or not, it could rely on some genetic trait and only be true for some mothers…

    My midwife told me that it was fine to eat as much as I wanted from day 1 of pregnancy but to cut right down to very small amounts after 30 weeks if I wanted to avoid inducing early labour.

    Now I am 36 weeks and they want to induce my labour as baby is big! So now I’m going to eat as much pineapple as I want in the hopes that it helps do this naturally rather than with drugs.

  111. Last night my wife had taken pineapples , she is pregnant & still felling the pain ! I am worried & going to consult with the doctor.

  112. In my last pregnancy I ate 6 little fresh pineapples and juiced them when I was overdue. It did not bring on labor. I had to get a c section in the end.

    But this pregnancy -which is only a few months from my first pregnancy- I think I might have more problems with pineapple! Last night I made sweet and soar chicken with pineapple and this morning and woke up with awful cramps that made me cry and diarrhea. My uterus must not be in good shape after the c section. It was not even fresh pineapple it was canned!

  113. Ladies, please i had a glass of fresh pineapple juice this morning. After reading this, am worried because i am 8wks pregnant. I hope it wont affect my growing baby?

  114. im 7 months n been eating pineapples my whole pregnancy n im not having any problems

  115. if we listen to everything they say not to eat or drink while pregnant or what not to do we should just stay some were , were they can make sure to dont do any thing. If we really think about it are great- grandmas do what every they want and are grandmas/grandpas and moms/dads are fine.

  116. I am not pregnant but my mum always warned me to avoid pineapple because it causes damage to the productive system. I remember having eaten loads of pineapple and having ended up having my mens very much earlier than my scheduled date.I disobeyed my mum several times and paid for the consequences: very painful and early mens! I would advise pregnant women to stay away from pineapples,it would be wiser and safer according to me!

  117. First of all.. Bromelain is an enzyme so it will only be found in fresh pineapples or Pineapple juice (enzymes degrade very rapidly once exposed to the air.) There will literally be ZERO Bromelain in canned pineapple products, also if the pineapple is cooked there will be ZERO Bromelain.

    Second of all.. Bromelain is very good for you as it helps to break down the food that you eat. I would actually recommend taking a digestive enzyme supplement because when you eat cooked food your immune system recognizes it as a poison and there is an immune response called leukocytosis. Digestive enzymes will help you will any heartburn or indigestion or anything like that. Bromelain is absolutely not bad for pregnant women, that is a fact. Any cramping you girls are feeling is from poor digestion


  119. Pineapples, are ok however it is a known fact that tomatoes are terrible infact everyone who has ever eaten a tomato wile pregnant has eventually died and so have there babies. Sometimes it takes years 80+ in some cases but facts are facts they all died. Be afraid fear the tomato. Also I hear beans make you fart. Good luck and be careful or you will eventually fart and die.

  120. I didn’t knew i was pregnant(1st pregnancy) back then on 2006, and ate a bunch of pineapple(raw), and it seems ok to me, thankfully. And then, I knew that I could eat pineapple with no problem during pregnancy and still does now(am 10 weeks pregnant with my third).

    Didn’t sure whether pineapple really does cause miscarriage or labour, since there’s no scientific evidence about this. But I do hear many of my friends and relatives avoid pineapple during pregnancy because of this. Maybe its effect are different from one women to another. Just like pregnancy does.

  121. The week before my due date I started eating FRESH pineapple and ginger. I was in labor within three days. Mind you, ate the equivalent to about three whole pineapples and 2 inches of fresh ginger (i grated it) A DAY, but it worked. I still eat pineapple with my current pregnancy. Just not in that quantity!

  122. If I avoided everything I was advised to avoid then I wouldnt be able to eat hardly anything. I am going to eat raw Salmon sushi from my favorite, reputable sushi place. I am going to eat a ton of pineapples. I bet my baby turns out just fine. Everything is always trying to scare me away frm stuff I love. I am done being so cautious.

  123. 14 weeks and I eat pineapple daily. Its always been my favorite fruit and its the only fruit I crave!!


    Read this ladies and stop panicking. Trust your own body’s cues and don’t listen to scaremongers!


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