Is it safe to take pineapple during pregnancy? Is it advisable at the end of a pregnancy to take pineapple juice or eat the flesh in order to bring on labour?


Eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice is said to be an old wive’s tale to bring on labour for woman past their due date. Large amounts of pineapple juice can,  in fact, cause uterine contractions. It’s for this reason that in early pregnancy, it’s often suggested that you don’t drink pineapple juice in excess amounts.

Why pineapple can cause contractions

Fresh pineapple contains Bromelain which can also soften the cervix . But it is said that it takes large quantities to have any effect which can also result in diarrhea. Some women say that they’ve had zero problems having plenty of pineapple and pineapple and pineapple juice during pregnancy and others claim it brought on labour.

The verdict on pineapple during pregnancy?

Some would say that you should eat it in moderation and watch for any signs of problems before your due date.

If you’re at or past your due date, it might help you bring on labour.


This post has brought a lot of diverse opinions on the topic of whether or not pineapple is ok for pregnancy. Check out the comments and if you have an opinion, feel free to share your take on the topic.

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  1. if we listen to everything they say not to eat or drink while pregnant or what not to do we should just stay some were , were they can make sure to dont do any thing. If we really think about it are great- grandmas do what every they want and are grandmas/grandpas and moms/dads are fine.

  2. I am not pregnant but my mum always warned me to avoid pineapple because it causes damage to the productive system. I remember having eaten loads of pineapple and having ended up having my mens very much earlier than my scheduled date.I disobeyed my mum several times and paid for the consequences: very painful and early mens! I would advise pregnant women to stay away from pineapples,it would be wiser and safer according to me!

  3. First of all.. Bromelain is an enzyme so it will only be found in fresh pineapples or Pineapple juice (enzymes degrade very rapidly once exposed to the air.) There will literally be ZERO Bromelain in canned pineapple products, also if the pineapple is cooked there will be ZERO Bromelain.

    Second of all.. Bromelain is very good for you as it helps to break down the food that you eat. I would actually recommend taking a digestive enzyme supplement because when you eat cooked food your immune system recognizes it as a poison and there is an immune response called leukocytosis. Digestive enzymes will help you will any heartburn or indigestion or anything like that. Bromelain is absolutely not bad for pregnant women, that is a fact. Any cramping you girls are feeling is from poor digestion


  5. Pineapples, are ok however it is a known fact that tomatoes are terrible infact everyone who has ever eaten a tomato wile pregnant has eventually died and so have there babies. Sometimes it takes years 80+ in some cases but facts are facts they all died. Be afraid fear the tomato. Also I hear beans make you fart. Good luck and be careful or you will eventually fart and die.

  6. I didn’t knew i was pregnant(1st pregnancy) back then on 2006, and ate a bunch of pineapple(raw), and it seems ok to me, thankfully. And then, I knew that I could eat pineapple with no problem during pregnancy and still does now(am 10 weeks pregnant with my third).

    Didn’t sure whether pineapple really does cause miscarriage or labour, since there’s no scientific evidence about this. But I do hear many of my friends and relatives avoid pineapple during pregnancy because of this. Maybe its effect are different from one women to another. Just like pregnancy does.

  7. The week before my due date I started eating FRESH pineapple and ginger. I was in labor within three days. Mind you, ate the equivalent to about three whole pineapples and 2 inches of fresh ginger (i grated it) A DAY, but it worked. I still eat pineapple with my current pregnancy. Just not in that quantity!

  8. If I avoided everything I was advised to avoid then I wouldnt be able to eat hardly anything. I am going to eat raw Salmon sushi from my favorite, reputable sushi place. I am going to eat a ton of pineapples. I bet my baby turns out just fine. Everything is always trying to scare me away frm stuff I love. I am done being so cautious.

  9. 14 weeks and I eat pineapple daily. Its always been my favorite fruit and its the only fruit I crave!!



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