Just a point to ponder…yesterday I was in the dollar store and saw pregnancy tests. I was shocked. The first time I bought a pregnancy test it was about $18. The second time it was still about $12 although 8 years later. I find it very unsettling to trust a $1 pregnancy test. Has anyone tried them and found them to be accurate? Could you ask for a refund if it was incorrect?

Would you buy a $1 pregnancy test from a dollar store?
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251 Responses to “Would You Buy a Dollar Store $1 Pregnancy Test?”

  1. I am preggs, and all of my one dollar tests came back positive. Seems accurate to me.

  2. reading all these comments gives me such relief! my husband and i have been TTC off and on for the last 2 years. My cycle was irregular, so it was always a guessing game on when i was ovulating. just a few months ago- my gyno put me on clomid for a couple months. it helps to regulate and gives a more accurate idea of ovulation days. no pregnancy during the time i was on it. now– 1 month after being off the meds, i was late (but w/ past irregular cycles history- i didn’t believe it), slight cramping and sore breasts. i didn’t want to believe anything i read as far as symptoms. told one of my coworkers- she bought me an .88 cent test from walmart and w/in seconds– it said positive. i’m in disbelief, so i’ll be going to a free clinic today, and even after they say it’s positive– there’s no telling how many more tests i’ll take. 🙂

  3. N O they do not work i took one and it said negitive took a more expensive one and it came out positive the expensive ones are more money for a reason

  4. it depends on the your hormones all women are different and any pee test wont be 100% accurate not even blood test …. my aunt tried two and they came out positive both times and it was right ….. Even 10-30$ ones come out wrong

  5. I have bought multiple tests from the dollar store and I have found out with each of my pregnancy’s through these tests. Me and my 2 sisters, who also have kids, swear by these!!!

  6. I work in a medical office and the dollar tests are the same ones used in many offices and hospitals

  7. Yes it works !!! I recommend to dont spend money in expensive ones ! I got a positive result 4 days before I expected my period . It was the only test who worked ! It Came a very faint white line and the next day I did another one and the line started to turn more red!
    Good luck !

  8. 1st Child: THAT Preggo Test was 99.9% more accurate than The Digital Blue!!! I took 15 and was preggo!! I took 2 DB and was ALL Negative!
    2nd Child: NOTHING Was NEGITIVE BUT …Digital Blue!!
    LOST BABY!!!!!!
    3rd Child: All BUT dollar Pregnancy Test Was negative … EVEN dr’s!!!

    Each time I was NOT EVEN PREGGO YET!!! I was 2-4 WEEKS!!!

    {those are the exact same as we use at the dr’s office!!!!!!!!!}

  9. I used a dollar test and accurately tested positive 3 days before my missed period

  10. The First time my sister in law got pregnant the first thing she said to me was: Well, if youre ever wondering if those pregnancy tests from the dollar tree work.. they do!

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