The popular HCG Diet involves homeopathic HCG drops, taken under the tongue. Because it uses HCG, the pregnancy hormone (Human chorionic gonadotropin ) some women expect that they would appear to be pregnant when doing a pregnancy test. In truth, the HCG diet drops will not make you appear pregnant. A pregnancy test should come up negative. If it comes up positive, you should verify the results with your physician and stop taking your HCG drops.

What if you become pregnant while taking the HCG drops?

This diet supplement is not recommended for pregnant women. If you discover that you are pregnant while taking the drops, stop taking them immediately and notify your doctor.  Because the diet regimen requires a strict low caloric intake and that’s not advisable for pregnancy, it’s not a good idea to continue.  The drops are generally seen as safe for most people but like most homeopathic remedies, they’re not recommended for pregnancy.

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