Is Lysol a good spermicide or is this a contraception myth / old wive’s tale?¬† Would you ever try a Lysol douche? If you’ve seen the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, you may be wondering if the characters in the show who advocated using Lysol after sex to prevent pregnancy¬† had any ill side effects from douching with household cleaning agents. Here at Pregnancy Glee, we decided to check it out a bit further.

Background of Using Lysol as a Contraceptive:

Is this something you should try? Most would suggest you probably shouldn’t. Many women reported scalding of the vagina and the vagina needs balance. Killing off sperm could lead to killing off of healthy flora as well and, as one article we read suggested, sometimes the odours are there for a reason —such as to tell you when something is amiss.

Looking for homemade contraception methods? We wrote a while back about a coca cola spermicide as well as other homemade contraceptives. Cola douching isn’t something that is recommended, either.You may opt to learn as much as you can about your own body’s cues for ovulation. Check out for When Should We Try to Conceive, which can help you whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid getting pregnant.

What about you? Would you do this? Have you tried Lysol or another home remedy for birth control that you’d like to share? Please comment here or in our forum at: Lysol Birth Control discussion

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2 Responses to “Lysol – Is It An Ideal Douche for Contraception?”

  1. I am a 50yr old female and the youngest of 8 kids. My older sisters once told me that our mother was embarrassed at thee thought of being pregnant once again at the age of forty and when my parent’s first granchlild had been born. They told me my mom used Lysol douche. I’m an effort to abort me and that was probably why I’ve suffered from serious health issued my whole life. When I saw the Boardwalk Empire episode when Margaret was given that pamphlet about Lysol Douche. I cried my eyes out. I had always told myself my sisters were lying. Now I wonder if my health was compromised as well. As my mother’s health?

  2. I’m so sorry, Maryelle, that you’re carrying around pain associated with the story your sisters told you. So many people are the victim of bad information.

    And, many stories are taken out of context. Perhaps she did the douche before finding out she was pregnant. I hope you don’t allow the stories to haunt you. You were born for a reason and while a lot of women question their pregnancies when they first find out about them, as soon as they hold their babies, the questions disintegrate.


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