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Is Sushi Safe During Pregnancy?

Is baby craving sushi? Pregnancy food cravings can be powerful. And sometimes knowing that you can’t have something is enough to bring on a ravenous craving.  If you’re wondering if sushi is safe to eat during pregnancy, you’ll find it on just about every No-No list near the top. But there are some that say sushi can be totally fine to eat, if it’s prepared properly and you choose the right rolls and dishes.

Maki Rolls During Pregnancy

Many maki rolls don’t contain raw fish and could be fine to eat. There are options that contain cooked fish, for example. Vegetable sushi, if prepared in a restaurant with good hygiene, is more than likely going to be safe for pregnant women. And many people enjoy Wasabi and ginger with their japanese food / maki rolls, which can have antimicrobial properties.

Sushi and Sashimi During Pregnancy

Sushi and sashimi are more likely to be dangerous to eat while pregnant due to food poisioning and listeria. But most of today’s sushi bars and restaurants use very safe food prep practices. Fish needs to be frozen before use in most places and the freezing process not only keeps it fresh but can kill bacteria. In many cases, the food prep is more dangerous than the fish itself. And, in terms of sashimi and sushi safety during pregnancy, it’s wise for women of childbearing age to minimise how much high-mercury fish they eat. Be careful about eating anything when pregnant…use your ultra sensitive pregnancy nose as it will often alert you to potential dangers. If sushi smells fishy, it’s probably not fresh and therefore unsafe to eat for anyone, pregnant or not.

Author’s Opinion: I love to go for sushi but my favourites tend to be vegetarian maki or sushi (I love avocado sushi and avocado maki as well as yam / sweet potato rolls) with cooked chicken and beef in it instead of raw fish. In terms of pregnancy, I wouldn’t risk taking anything that could be dangerous. You can give up anything for nine months, right? That said, I think there are blanket statements that aren’t always correct. Going for sushi can be fun and healthy and many Japanese women eat this way throughout pregnancy. Common sense, research, and special care can help you enjoy Japanese food without putting your baby at risk. And there are a lot of other foods at sushi restaurants as well, such as teriyaki, edamame, miso soup, tempura vegetables, and more. Don’t always believe every wive’s tale.Always read and research to find out your options and talk to your doctor if you have specific questions.

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