Trying to conceive and considering invitro fertilization or some other fertility treatment? You might want to know (especially if you’re Canadian) that some doctors won’t allow women with a body mass index over 35 receive fertility treatments due to increased risk and increased difficulty administering treatments. Canadian press have been covering this issue (–doctors-to-consider-barring-obese-women-from-fertility-treatments) and it’s expected to be debated at the 2011 annual Toronto Meeting of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (more info available at

  • Do you agree with this?
  • Have you, personally, experienced what you perceive to be discrimination about medical treatment due to your weight or another issue?

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2 Responses to “TTC Talk – Should Doctors Require Weight Loss Before Administering Fertility Treatments?”

  1. i started my period on 5th of October and ended it on 9th October. when did you think i can sex and be pregnant.

  2. Weight loss is a sensitive subject for women, pregnant or not, but I can only say from personal experience I am in the process of losing weight prior to trying for my second child as carrying extra kilos of weight is exhausting on top of being pregnant. I think nowadays it is best for your personal well being to be in the recommended BMI to avoid diseases like diabetes etc.

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