If you need to know when you conceived, you are going to have the best chances of figuring out the precise date if:

  1. You have been tracking your monthly periods
  2. You have regular cycles

If you have a 28-day cycle, day 1 of your period is day 1 of your cycle.  Between days 14 and 16 of your cycle, you are the most fertile and most likely to get pregnant. You might want to find an online calculator to help you determine what date you conceived but you can often figure the conception date out manually quite easily.

Many women need to know this information so they can figure out their due date or figure out where they are in number of weeks pregnant.  If you’ve had multiple partners and are concerned about which partner is the baby’s father, you are most likely to figure out who you conceived with if you have been tracking your period.

If you aren’t sure how many weeks pregnant you are, your doctor can do a few things to help. Your doctor can check your HCG hormone levels through a blood test. The doctor is aware of specific ranges of hormone levels dictating the approximate gestation of the pregnancy. And, the doctor can also order an early ultrasound which allows the technician to measure the size of the embryo which can give you an estimated date of conception.


When this blog post was written several months ago I never intended to become a conception date guru so I may or may not be able to answer further questions on this post  as I’m getting hundreds of comments (many of which I’m not even approving due to the sheer volume) from people asking me who their baby’s father is. If your period is regular it’s often easy to tell the conception date. If you’ve had more than one partner within a few day span near to your ovulation date you need to do a paternity test. If your period is irregular, it’s difficult to tell.  Best of luck! If I do answer a question, please remember I’m NOT an expert and you’re encouraged to talk to your doctor or in some cases, seek out paternity testing. .  Inflammatory or spam comments will be deleted!

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192 Responses to “When Did I Get Pregnant? Manually Calculating Date of Conception”

  1. when didi i get pregnant if my due date is august 17th

  2. Tedar, **if** your period is a typical 28 day cycle your conception date would have been around November 25, 2007.

  3. when did i get pregnant if my due date was dec. the 18 and now it is dec.6

  4. my due date is March 30 2009

  5. When did I Get Pregnant if my due date is March 30 2009

  6. Jessica: Around June 23 was probably the date of your LMP so you probably conceived 14-16 days from that date.

  7. So how many days am i total then

  8. and when was the date the baby was conseved

  9. You’re about 8 weeks pg. Congratulations :)

  10. Jessica: have a look at this:


    It’ll help you with various calculations.


  11. How many days am i all together and when was the date the baby was conseved if the baby is due march 30 2009 im trying to figure out the paterinty

  12. If you have regular periods and know when your last period was, you can count 14-16 days from day one of your last period to figure out the day you got pregnant. Conception date is *probably* July 7th. Does that help?

  13. Hello,
    I need to know when did I conceive last year, due to DNA issues. Before I had my son on 7/28/08, I found out I was pregnant on 12/05/2007. Prior to that my LMP was 10/28/2007m which I had sex with one partner on 10/9 and 10/14, the other partner on 11/3; 11/5; and 11/9. When did I conceive??????????

  14. tbird… Most likely around 11/9 if you have an average of 28 day cycles.

  15. I have been on the pill and I was suppose to get my period Sept. 8th and I dont really remeber bleeding much and I was off the pills for that month because I was not able to get them filled until 2 weeks into the month. So now its October 13th. How many weeks does anyone think I am?? Please help me

  16. pinklver..
    It’s possible you you got pregnant in August and had implantation bleeding in Sept or it’s possible you got pregnant about 2 weeks after your period in September. I’d go for a hcg test in a doctor’s office as they can check the amount of the hcg hormone which can give you an approximate date of conception. If they think you’re more than a few weeks along, they might schedule an u/s to get a more accurate number.
    Good luck!

  17. on june 10th I was 7weeks 5days on july 10 I was 12 weeks 2 days i have a due date of Jan 22,2009 I would like to know date conceived and if knowing can i know my last period I know I was on my period on April 13th dont know when started does it make sense?
    how accurate can all this be?

  18. Hi,i have always start my mensuration counting from day 1 to 24, i always start my period on the 24th day and finish on the 28th day, does that mean i am on 28days circle or what is my circle. secondly if i am trying to concieve based on this circle, when would my unsafe period be dat i could probably get pregnant, cos i am planning to concieve as soon as possible.thanks.

  19. I would try for during day 13-day 16 on your cycle, Sammy. Good luck!
    Ovulation tests are now getting pretty reasonably priced too if you need some help.

  20. Dear ‘me’,
    It’s difficult to pinpoint and all depends on many factors which can be out of your control. Generally people tend to ovulate 2 weeks after the first day of their last period and can be fertile for a few days. Your details sound like you ‘probably’ conceived at the end of April.

  21. I have question. My period is never on time. For some reason in my calendar book i wrote down dat i had my period July 4th & July 26,2008, which is odd to have it twice in a month. I know for sure i did have it July 4. But i dont recall having my period on July 26th,but of course i dont remember for sure. Since i remember my period was for sure on July 4, Dr calculated my due date as April 30,2009. But my ultrasound on Oct 31 they said my due date is May 3,2009. When did i conceive? One partner sex on 7/3, 7/9, 7/13, 7/15, once sumtime between 7/23-7/25, 7/26, 8/8, 8/25. Another partner 7/11. Which DAY is the day i conceived?

  22. Dear Anonymous,
    I can’t answer for sure because when things are that confusing, it’s difficult to say but my educated guess would be around the 17th/18th if you ovulate 15 days into your cycle which is an average. So that would be most likely with the partner around the 15th as sperm can survive for 72 hours On the 26th you might have had implantation bleeding. It could’ve been bleeding for 1 day which often happens in the 2 first weeks after pregnancy.

    With that much confusion you might be best to do a paternity test but this is my best guess.

    Hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

  23. Ok So My Due Date Is On The 18th June 2009, & My Last Period Was On 24th Auguast 2008 & I Had Sex On 6Sept&8Sept Wot Date Did The Baby Get Consived? Please Helpp!

  24. Oh I Also Forgot To Mension My Periods Are Always About A Week Late

  25. Nat,
    It does sound like Sept 6 could have been a conception/ovulation date but so could Sept 8. These dates are very close and ovulation is often a 72 hour window plus sperm can live for 72 hours. It’s very difficult to say which date you conceived!

  26. Well On The 6th I Used Protection Then Stoped & Then Later On That Night Had Sex For About 5Minz Without & He Didnt Cum Up Me Or Anything, However On The 8th We Did Alot Of Oral B4 Hand & Didnt Use Anything Atall Dose This Help Anymure For An Accurate Guess?

  27. Alsoo,, On The 17th November I Had A Scan & She Sed Im 9-10 Weeks Pregnant Dose This Help To?

  28. Hi
    I’m not an expert and the fact that they were so close together during what would’ve been your ovulation period, I’m not sure. If on the 8th there was no penetration, then it could’ve have been a conception date but on both days even if there was intercourse but no ejaculation there is still the potential of escapee sperm in pre-ejaculate. Sorry I’m not more help but if you had two different partners with penetration a span of 72 hours when it was your ovulation time it’s difficult to say.
    Best of luck

  29. when did i get pregnant if my due date was may 4th 2008..

  30. anonymous: Around Aug 12.

  31. My due date is August 16 2009 but I only spotted for a day and a half in the month of November 8th. I did have a full period in October 1st is there a chance I was pregnant and thats why I only spotted in November? When would my due date be and when did I get pregnant in Oct. and if there is a chance when would I have gotten pregnant in Nov?

  32. my doc said i got pregnant on the 15th of nov 2008.
    but my ultra sound said im 5 weeks and 4 days.
    so is that right??

  33. Hi Squee
    They count your first week from the day you got your last period to 40 weeks so you always sound 2 weeks more pregnant than you are (if counting from conception date)

  34. im not sure when my last period was. but they said that date because of the size of the baby.
    i now have no clue so . lol could you dumb it down for me.
    i guess what im asking is by the size and the ultrasound saying im this far is that a right date??
    i was wondering cause of a dna test need after the baby is born. if this date was right. other wise one is not needed.
    sorry for being a pain.

  35. Hi
    I think given the uncertainty you have, you should definitely book a dna test.
    Hope the results are what you’re hoping for!

  36. PS: I’ve known people to know their conception date because it was the one and only time they had sex and have it be 2-3 weeks off from the ultrasound estimated due date.

  37. if i was 8 weeks 2dys on dec.7,2008 when didi i get pregnant?

  38. had the baby september 30 when did I get pregnant

  39. if my due date is aug 1 ’09 what day did i concieve ?

  40. when did i get pregnant if im seven weeks and 4 days

  41. I had sex on October 25,2008 using a condom im due August 8,2008 my last period was October 27, 2008 a full cycle i really hope i didnt get pregnant from this partner but i had sex after that.

  42. there is this girl claiming to be pregnant with my brother’s child. If her due date is predicted to be Aug. 15th, 2009, when did her and my brother have sex to get pregnant? The Dr. said November 22nd was the date of conception, but does that mean when the sperm and egg met or when they had sex? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  43. @Kristi,
    The sperm can live for up to a few days inside the woman’s body before being fertilized so I’d say even before Nov 22 if they had sex (maybe 1-3 days before) it could still be true. I’m not an expert, though. Only a DNA test will help

    To the others recently asking questions, I suggest you have a look online for an ovulation/conception calculator for putting in your specific dates if you don’t want to calculate manually on your own. The best way to calculate manually is when you know your period dates and when you consistently have a similar cycle. There are a lot of variables. Good luck everyone!


  45. If my approximate due date is January 26, 2009 When is my conception date. I had sex with one partner on May 4, 2008 and the other partner a couple of days later.

  46. Sorry, Toree but when two partners are really close together it can be difficult to tell. Between the 12th and 15th day after your last period are most likely but when two partners are very close together it might be necessary to do a dna test.

  47. My due date is April 28, 2009 when did i get pregnant?

  48. if my due date is march 29…. conception is on 07/07 does that mean i had sex 3 days before like around 07/05… so they say it takes 72 hours for conception.. im just so lost.

  49. i recall my LMP was on the 23rd of june but what i dont get is that it says conception date is on 07/07.. is that the day i had sex.. help me.. i just dont get it!!

  50. last new years me and my boyfriend were spending some time apart and i ended up sleeping with an ex, turns out he had holes put into the condom and didnt tell me till after the fact. im not sure why he would do this but newya. tehn me and my bf talked things out and we were at the point where we wanted to be toegethr and start a family so from the 11th till the beginning of feb we were trying to conceive.
    i then found out i was preg in march . hes aware of what happened on new years. when iw ent for my first scan they told me my due dte was gonna be sept 27…then went in again and my due date got moved to oct 26…and after all that i didnt give birth till nov 2…can u tell me who would the dad be?

  51. ‘unsure’
    if the only time you had sex with the ex was new year’s eve then it’s a mathematical impossibility that he’s the father since gestation is only 40 weeks.
    Maybe I’m misunderstanding you but it doesn’t sound like you got pg until Feb

  52. Me and my fiance had unprotected sex Sept. 27th. On what day would I comcieve?

  53. If my due date is november 20 and the first day of my last period was febuary 12 and i had sex with my ex on march 18 is he the father and what date did i get pregnant

  54. I see my period this month 2times.the 1st time was from 30 august and end 4th sept.and it came on the 21stsept and end 24thsept.when is my ovulation period,or is anything wrong?tell me please coz i want to know.

  55. @Darla, not sure I understand your question
    @kadedra, March 18 sounds too late for ovulation if your period was Feb 12.
    @dorcas, it might have been implantation bleeding or just a short period. I’d suggest doing a pregnancy test. You can get them at the dollar store — a lot of people are talking about dollar store pregnancy tests at: dollar store pregnancy tests.

  56. when did i get pregnant i had sex on march 15 and april 10 baby born on dec 21

  57. not sure @marquis…it all depends on whether or not you were considered full term, early, or overdue when the baby was born. If the baby was on time, count about 38 weeks back from the birth date for the approximate conception date. It’s better to count from your last period.The two dates you’ve given are almost a month apart so it’s difficult to tell. I’d also go by what your doctor said was your original EDD (estimated due date) to estimate time of conception, especially since a baby can come anywhere from 2 weeks early to 2 weeks late so that’s the same approx time span as the two dates you had intercourse.
    Good luck.

  58. if my due date is oct 12 around what time did I concieve?? I have a reg 28 day cycle

  59. @cc:
    I checked a reverse conception date calendar for you and it says, “Your estimated conception date was between Tuesday, January 12, 2010 and Tuesday, January 19, 2010″

  60. thanks bunches..I wasn’t sure if I calculating it right but turns out I was pretty close..thanks again

  61. I don’t remeber when my last period was, but an ultrasound says I was 10 weeks and 4 days on October 1st…when most likely did I concieve? Do I subtract two weeks from 10 weeks and 4 days ago??? Or is it a day before 10 weeks and 4 days ago?

  62. if you count back to the first day of your last period, add 14-16 days for the typical ovulation period.

  63. Found out I was pregnant 9/8/10 I was already 2month my last cycle was on the 7/14 to 7/21 I think not sure but I had sex with one guy on dese days 7/3-12 which that was my boyfriend I also had sex withhim after my cycle by the way I was late for my cyle pose to been cane on on 7/10 oh and I only had sex with another guy one time and that was on 7/27 and my dude date is 4/16/2011

  64. Tayyyy-there’s a good chance you conceived 7/27. Your idea ovulation timing was ‘probably’ between 7/28-7/29 and sperm can live in the body for up to 72 hours so those swimmers might’ve been waiting if you ovulated on 7/28. It’s not an exact science. These dates are estimates. If you had sex with two people between 7/27-7/30, I’d say a paternity test is probably in order.
    Good luck.

  65. That was the last time I had sex during July was on the 27 but I’m confuse cause I’m 12weeks now and when I add it up I should only be 10 weeks if I got pregnant on the 27…

  66. @Tayyyy,
    They count pregnancy weeks from day 1 of the last period instead of from the day you conceived.
    Hope that helps.

  67. Thanks……But one more question I went to the doctor Monday they measure the baby I think it’s called obgy idk but I have picture and on the picture it said I’m 11weeks and five days it say 11w5d 6.2% what that pose to mean? Last question

  68. Do that still go by last cycle?

  69. No idea.

  70. i had sex on Oct.3,2009 with my husband and got assulted on the Oct.30,2009. so which one would likely be the dad. please help

  71. Lisa, Very sorry you’ve had to go through this. Not sure without details about your due date and last monthly period since there’s almost a 1-month gap. Any additional info could be helpful in estimating.

  72. my dude date is april 27 2011 wen did i conceive?

  73. ok here we go,
    last period was june 20
    i had sex with my exboyfriend june 25 and we used protection.
    i had been having sex with another guy unprotected and i think we had an incident july fourth weekend. i found out i was pregnant july 17.my first appointment was october 5 and the doctor told me i was between 14 and 15 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound said 14weeks and 4 days. do you think with this information you can help me figure out is it exboyfriends or the other guy?
    appreciate your time.

  74. Hi Chassidy,
    My guess would be the July 4th weekend. If your period started June 20, you would’ve ovulated ‘probably’ between July 3-6.

  75. if my peroid was on aug 7 and i got off on the 13 of aug and now im 9weeks on the 10=09-2010 when did i get pregant

  76. Okay i just found out i was pregnant im trying to figure out when i got preg i always thought you got preg the month before you didnt have your period as in
    My last was Aug 17 so wouldnt that mean i got preg in Aug it ended on the 22.

  77. As per the first paragraph in this post:

    “If you have a 28-day cycle, day 1 of your period is day 1 of your cycle. Between days 14 and 16 of your cycle, you are the most fertile and most likely to get pregnant.”

  78. Hiya,
    My LMP was on the 13th of August which makes me 8 weeks and 3 days today, when i went for an early scan it made me 7 weeks and 3 days.
    I just have 2 quick questions – is there anyway that i could have got pregnant before my last period? And when would be my most likely conception date. Any help would bt great. thanks..:)

  79. I’ve heard of women saying they were further along than they thought based on ultrasound measurements and the only logical explanation is that they did have a period before starting to miss periods. If it was a lighter period than normal, it could’ve been implantation bleeding. If you know your LMP start date from the month before and it’s about 28 days, I’d count 14-16 days to determine the estimated ovulation period.

    If you had your LMP on August 13, I’d say August 26, 27, 28 are the most likely periods. If you conceived the month before and have 28 day cycles, I’d ‘guess’ 29th or 30th of July, maybe?

  80. Hey dear i have my last periode on 15th of august for three days
    my second periode supposed to 15th of september
    my problem i slept with my husband from 9 september till 14th and 15th september.
    but i slept with the partmer on the 15 september once

    iam confusing who/s the father please help me

    note : how i got pregnant and the days i have sex was only nearly 5 to 6 days from my cycle.

  81. @mohra66: If your period was Aug 15th, you most likely ovulated around August 29th or 30th.

  82. if my due date is 8 of feb what day did i get pregnant

  83. Karen

    If I had sex Feb 14 and Feb 27 when did I get pregnant and the baby is due Nov 25

  84. some more info my due date was july 20, 2010. my lmp was between 9/11/09 and 9/13/09 but is was very light and not like it usually was. help please which one would it be from my previous question

  85. hi,

    im totally confused and worried. i had a scan and was told i was 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant today (16/10/2010). i had sex with my ex boyfriend on 06/08/2010 and another partner on 21/08/2010. however i did have some bleeding which lasted around 2 days on 19/08. i am confused. do you know my date of conseption?? help x

  86. i ment to put oct.11 or oct.13, 2009 not 9-11 or 9-13,2009

  87. I had sex with my boyfriend Dec 22 and went to CT met another and had sex 01 jan 1997 and came back from CT had sex with my BF on 8 Feb.April 27 the doctor said i was 12 wks preg and due date was 29 oct but gave birth in 21 Sept, at what date did i got preg ? plz help !

  88. Hello I just had my ultrasound, and I am 8 weeks, 6 days pregnant. I would like to know when I would have conceived. My EDD is May 24…thanks

  89. Im 7 weeks and 3 days what is the conception date

  90. Im 7 weeks and 3 days what is the conception date

  91. i do sex without protection wid my husband 15oct and that is my periode due date but today is 21st oct and still i dont have any periode.i am vary worried am i pregnent coz i dnt want baby write now

  92. On Oct 18th I was 9-10 weeks so what date would i have conceived on???

  93. Hi,

    I had sex with a girl on 20th March 2010 and shortly after found out she was pregnant. She since told me that she is due on the 1st of February 2011 after a dating scan and the baby is her new partners. Is there any chance the baby could be mine and the dating scan be wrong.


  94. Hi Mr. Anonymous
    If the scan is right, her estimated conception date would be between May 4 and May 11. That’s almost 2 months after you’ve had sex.

    If she’d gotten pregnant when you had sex with her on March 20th, her due date would be somewhere around: December 11.

  95. PS. Scan dates can be wrong but generally not by more than a week or two.

  96. do people ever answers these question???? read AMBERS AND ANSWER THAT!!!

  97. Hi !
    My due date is 21st April , when did i get pregnant ? I had sex with my patner on 29th july , & 3rd, & 4th Aug. However a fluke accident happened on 6th Aug i slept with ny ex.My cycles are a reg 27 / 28 day cycle .Ans my lmp was 16th july ?Pls advise?

  98. Annie…I’d guess you most likely conceived on July 29th.

  99. I had sex with this person on the 4th of July n I can remember that my menstrual came a few days afterwards how many weeks could I possibly b

  100. hi.. my expected due date is feb.3, 2011. due to an ultrasound i am supposed to be 27 weeks pregnant this thursday. but my doctor is telling me that i am 31 weeks this thursday due to my last period in march. but in april i also had slight bleeding.. please help on when i have gotten pregnant and who to believe, my doctor or the ultrasound tech.

  101. Hi,
    Your april one could’ve been implantation bleeding, in which case your doctor could be right. But based on the u/s, sounds like the baby is probably measuring at that size according to that being a ‘real’ period.
    Hard to say…must be frustrating to have that big of a gap! I”d ask the dr. MAYBE they’ll do another u/s & tests to try to get a more accurate idea.
    Good luck

  102. If my do date is June 29th 2010 when did i got pregnant?

  103. Hey ms. Dana prince can u help me Im scared the reason I have not gotten a due date yet

  104. Hi @fertile,
    Sorry..I can’t keep up with all the requests for calculations. As you can see, loads of people are asking. I’m not an expert but have a look for a due date calculator if you know your lmp or your conception date. I think your due date should be around 40 weeks from July 4. If you had a period that month, perhaps you conceived a few weeks later. If the period was light, it may have just been implantation bleeding.
    Good luck with your pregnancy!

  105. Sorry, that’s 38 weeks from July 4, 40 weeks from the first day of the last monthly period.

  106. I am 12 weeks pregnant and wondering when i conceived. i have irregular periods every month. can you conceive the exact last day of your period?

  107. If you’re measuring at 12 weeks, I’d go back 10 weeks for your estimated conception date as they measure based on your LMP. If your periods are irregular, it can be kind of difficult to track. For many women who don’t have regular periods, charting with temperature and cervical mucus can be very useful. There’s a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility that provides lots of info about this method.
    Good luck with your pregnancy

  108. if my due date if march 18th how far along am i??
    the doctor told me i was 22 weeks but everytime i use a conception calculator it tells me im 20 weeks and 6 days.

    imm soooo confused!.
    the only reason im freaked out is cause i sorta hooked up w my friend but he bearly put it in when i told him to stop cause i felt guilty i was cheating… is it possible he can be the dad?? i was w him may 28th please help! :(

  109. i seriously cant remember when i had my last period,,, this would be so verry devastating for me and my bf so i hope this mistake i made just once doesnt come back to haunt me.

  110. Hi,
    If you conceived at around May 28, your due date would be in February so chances are that with a mid-march EDD, you likely conceived at the end of June.

  111. So then that would be imposible right? Lol I jusst wanna hear I’m freaking out for no reason.

  112. Unless your due date is WAY wrong, I don’t think so. a month is enough of a gap that you *should* be ok.

  113. hey dana,

    I am 14 weeks pregnant. My LMP was 3rd aug and i had unprotected sex on 16th aug and then protected sex with someone else on 29th aug. is it possible that mr 29th is the dad?

  114. Hi Lisa,
    Not likely.
    You’d most likely have been ovulating around the 14th-16th.


  115. hello, my baby due date is January 22, 2011.
    my last menstrual cycle was (April 22, 2011)
    im kinda confused and its irresponsible, but i have 2 deal wit it.

    i had sex on
    April 26, 2010 (unprotected)#1 guy
    April 27, 2010 (unprotected)#1 guy

    April 27, 2010 later that day (unprotected) #2 guy

    May 1, 2010 (protected) #3 guy
    May 1, 2010 (protected) # 4 guy

    and i was wondering when did i conceive and who could b the father?

    and does conceive really mean the day the egg met the sperm b/c i know it take up 2 three days for that 2 happen or even more.

  116. Rose,
    If your period started on April 22, you probably didn’t conceive until around May 4-6 so it doesn’t sound like you got pregnant any of those times. Good luck

  117. oh well my last period was the 26 or 27 of october so when wud be the best time for me to try to qet pregnant ?

  118. QQGrace,
    I’d get “busy” right about now and throughout the rest of the week.
    Have fun ;)

  119. . okay , thanks . And if i was to start in january when wud be a qood time to do it ?

  120. I’d use a calendar to track each start date of your period from now until then and see what the average cycle length is. If you’re averaging a 28 day cycle, I’d say try from day 14-16 of each cycle. I’ve seen online calculators that give you predictions if you don’t have a 28 day cycle but you can also average it out and do the math. (What do you know…algebra may have a use after all. LOL!)

    Sprinkling virtual baby-making dust and blowing it your way :)
    Feel free to join the forum here as well. IT’s new but hoping to build it into a great place to talk about pregnancy, trying to conceive, etc.
    Pregnancy Glee Forum

  121. JESSY,

  122. @jessica,
    You can get an early detection HPT or some regular tests will pick it up a few days early as well. Not all will pick up hcg levels until after a missed period but some are pretty sensitive and will work. If you take one now, it could give a false negative more likely than a false positive. I’d try waiting until Friday or if you really can’t wait, get another and if you don’t have your period on friday, test again.
    Best of luck.

  123. my last period was 10/09/10 so when would my conception date be?

  124. @Cora, I’m guessing near October 21-23

  125. my last period was july 19 2010 my expecting due date is april 25 2011 what day did i get pregnant

  126. Monica:
    Around 08/02

  127. Hi, I’m hoping you could be of some help to me. I had the Mirena IUD removed on August 30, 2010, I took two pregnancy test two weeks apart in October and both came back negative but I took another last week and it was positive, I took another to make sure, and the result was the same. I have not had my period since the Mirena was removed, nor while the Mirena was in place, so how do I go about figuring out how many weeks I am, and when I am due? Thanks for your help.

  128. Hi Laura,
    I’d say that you should make an appointment with your doctor who an do a blood test and/or ultrasound to measure the hcg levels and /or the baby. Since you had two false results in Oct, it’s possible you got pregnant in October and you’re early into your pregnancy. If you’re not getting periods, that makes it difficult to track ovulation on its own (although you could’ve used charting cervical mucus / temperature monitoring) but if you were trying to conceive it sounds like you were successful. Congrats and good luck.

  129. Hi Dana,
    Thanks for your help. I still have yet to hear from Medicaid, so I’m waiting to qualify so I can go to the doctor.

  130. if my ovulation date was sept 21st and i did have sex but can i get pregnant on the 25th? i am a regular 27 to 28 days. my lmp was sept 7th and the doctor said im right on tract with my dates im 9 weeks and 2 days today

  131. Hi,
    It’s not always an exact science, so it is possible you ovulated a few days later. I’m not clear on whether you’re saying you only had sex on the 25th or if it was both days. If you DID have sex on the 21st and 25th I’d say, by the dates and what your doctor has said, the 21st is more likely to have been the ovulation date. Hope that helps.

  132. My last LMP on Aug 17, (only 2 days) and I’m due May 24th…when would have I gotten pregnant?

  133. Heath,
    Are you sure that was your LMP and not implantation bleeding? If your period is normally longer and that was a really light one, you might’ve already been pregnant as of Aug 17. An ultrasound will help measure for dates as well. But, if your lmp did start August 17, your conception date might have been around: 8/31

  134. my baby was born july 25th, what is the day she was concieved, i really need to know, it happen a long time ago and cannot remember my last mens. please help I realy need to know. my name is sherly

  135. Sherly, That’s not enough info, really. You could go by her due date, rather than her birthday to figure out estimated conception date. Because babies are often born up to two weeks before or after their due date, it’s not accurate to try to guess conception date by the actual delivery date.
    If you go by her due date and put that date into a conception date calculator, it’ll count backwards for you.

  136. Hi my daughter was born july 25, how can I find out the day she was concieved, I really need to know as this happened a long time ago.is the a way to find this out. would this be Nov 1st or dec 1st

  137. help

  138. If she was born on her due date and not early or late, I’d say probably around November 1.

  139. If I had sex June 6 and had BLOOD pregnancy test on July 3 and it came back negative is that enough time?

  140. Your period comes around 2 weeks after you ovulate so that sounds like plenty of time, especially for a blood test.

  141. Dear ALL:
    Questions are now being answered, wherever possible, in the forum at http://pregnancyglee.com/forum

  142. PS: Answering at the thread: http://pregnancyglee.com/forum.....&t=16

  143. Please help! If I am on a normal 28 day cycle and I had sex May 6 and I had a NORMAL period in May and June (June 3rd took blood test it was negative) and I found out in July I was pregnant. Could I be pregnant from intercourse on May 6th or would it be from intercourse in July? I am due March 29th. The First day of my LMP is June 22.

  144. Ok.. So I took a pregnancy test on November 8 2010 and it was positive.. My last period was October 17 or 18 me and my partner had sex before my period during my period and of course after wards.. he never pulls out.. my period was only heavy the first day and then then next day i used like 2 tampons, then nothing on the third day.. I went to a pregnancy clinic today and they say my due date is July 25 2010 and that is starting with my last period… but how did i test so early if i conceived when they are guessing… my problem is me and my partner got into a fight on Halloween and I got drunk and slept with someone else we used a condom 90 percent of the time then he took it off but i got tired and told him to get off of me and he did and then made his self get off… Im confused on wen i ovulated and wen i conceived… but i did sleep with my parter on halloween in the morning time.. my cycles where like this the last 3 months august i started the 16 September i started the 17 and October it was the 17 or the 18… PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING I NEED SO INFO


  146. how do i sign up for a account?

  147. @Mandy,
    If you want to register for the forum, go to http://pregnancyglee.com/forum & register for a new account.
    After you confirm, you can post. There’s a conception calculation thread and other threads as well if you want to start/participate in other discussions. Thanks!

  148. if i had sex on 11/15 and i got pregnant that day when would i have my baby???

  149. If my due date is December 14th, 2010, what is the date i conceived? The first day of my last period I do believe was on March 3rd, 2010.

  150. Ok I’m

  151. I have an estimated due date of june 22. The nurse put my last menstruation as september 1st, But my last period was on October 1st. When did I conceive?

  152. Hi if i had sex with a guy Feb 10,11,12,13 when do u think im due

  153. If my girlfriend is 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant when was the baby conceived..because she had sex with another guy on October 8th and me the 17th through the 19th

  154. Hi-this is BKLYN Annonomys. My lmp was on 9/8/10. My next expected period was 10/5/10 n never came.I took a pregnancy test on 10/8/10 & it was positive.I had my 1st prenatal visit on 10/22/10 where they told me based on my lmp, I was 6 wks pregnant but when the doc examined me she said she believes I’m earlier than that b/c of the color n size of my uterus. My 1st sono is Dec 1st.
    The last time I had sex with my abusive ex was on 9/19 but I was with my lover on 9/17, 9/26 & so on. The LAST day j had sex with my ex was 9/19. When did I conceive??

  155. if am due july 15th 2011 when was my conception date?

  156. if my due date is march 2, 2011 but when i calculate my weeks it starts may 26, 2010 so when did i actually get pregnant? when i go on line it say that i ovulated the week of June 9-14 2010 can u help me know when i did get pregnant? i usually have a 28 monthly cycle?

  157. Hi
    If I had sex 11th febuary 2010 when is the last time that I could of got pregnant from that night ?? Also when would my due date be? I am currently pregnant now due date in a few weeks!

  158. hi i came on my period i think the 25th of march 10
    my due date from then is the 30th of december but then i went to an u/s and they gave me a due date of 6th of jan 11 and said im 12 weeks and 4 days but by the first day of my last period i was 13 weeks and 4 days, which of these are correct im really confused

  159. ok i had sex on the night of sept 18th 2010 and i had ended my last period on sept 15th 2010 which was started on sept 10th 2010. i am currently 9 weeks 2 days about as of nov 21 2010. they say im due the end of june beginning of july. is it possible to get pregnant immediately like that this is my first child and just seems crazy to me and is also causing the father to deny it being his but i was not with anybody else around that time the last time i was with somebody was atleast 2 weeks prior. any info is greatly appreciated thanks.

  160. I had sex on october 8 and 9. My last period september 28 n it stays on for a week what day did I convinced? Need help

  161. Hiya,

    I had my scan on the 29th of Novemeber 2010 it dated me at 15 weeks, when did i conceive?

  162. Hi there, I had a date scan on 20th November and was told I was 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant, counting back 5 weeks 2 days from November 20th it takes me to 14th October, is this the day I conceived? I was on my Period!! Can this be right?

  163. Here’s a real doozey:

    Had sex with #1 on August 20th, got period on due date August 23rd. Was with #2 on the 29th. I’m currently 14 weeks 4 days. Ultrasounds dating me to LMP. Who’s the lucky guy? Euther way, I did not ovulate within the norm.

  164. I had unprotected sex on October 16, 2010. My periods are irregular. Is it possible to be 7 weeks pregnant?


  166. Hi Dana, I posted in November 10th, about trying to figure out how far along I was. I went this past Wednesday for my first u/s, and the dr said I was 7w2da, but couldn’t detect a heartbeat. She was very negative, in my opinion, telling me this happens to everyone, well, Iwas just not conviced of what she was saying, so I got a second opinion, aand this dr said that the baby was already trying to abort itself suppossedly, I am still not convinced, I have had no cramping, no bleeding, like she said I was going to have, so now I am opting for a third opinion. Let me explain, when I was pregnant with my son, who is now 8 years old, when I was 3 months pregnant with him, I was having some bad cramps in my stomach that would not go away, so I went to the ER and they told me that he was growing outside the uterus but they could give me “some pills” to pass it, I just got up and left that hospital, b/c I just didn’t. Believe those people. Long story short, I went to my reg. Dr on Monday, he did a u/s and everything was fine, he said idk y they even told u that. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Thanks for your advice.


  168. My girlfriend had a very light pregnancy on february 25-28. She g\had a misccariage in January and doctor said she is very fertile. We had sex on February 26. Her period was off and we had sex on March 2 and the 3rd. We needed space and she had a one night stand on March 11, the day she ovulated. She is now 12 weeks pregnant and due date is Dec 2-4. The doctor stated that she conceived on March 11. I just wanted to know if i am the father or is it the other guy. We saw some cervical mucus around her period time. please help.

  169. i am totally confused. i have been having lot of stress broke up with my boyfriend, work, and family. I take yaz but do no take it like i post to. My period was around the 29th of april it has always been light. I was on the depo for serval years. I got off the depo for about 3 years now and my period came back. My ex and I had sex on may 14th no condoms were used but he pull out. Today is june 1st and for bout 3 weeks now I have all the systoms of being pregant if I am when did I conceived? If I am when is my due date?

  170. if i got pregnant on my period how would i calculate my due date?

  171. @Nikki
    I’d use a conception calendar and mark the estimated conception date there or 38 weeks from that date (since calendars typically add the extra 2 weeks to go back to the first day of your last cycle.)
    Your doctor can also give an idea once you have your ultrasound based on measurements. Good luck.

  172. thanks…i’m on the depo shot and around the time i had sex i was bleeding from a period but i didnt think nothing of it! a few weeks later i started feeling nauseated but then it went away! then a few weeks after that that feeling came back and i started having pains in my stomach…now i am devoloping breast milk and feeling flutters in my stomach idk what to think! This was feb 5 20011 when it happened and now it’s june 10 2011 does that sound about right

  173. Well, I don’t know much about depo shots but 4 months along is around the time you tend to feel the flutters starting. I’d suggest a dr’s visit or a pregnancy test (you can buy them at the dollar store, even…we talked about that here on http://pregnancyglee.com/?p=30. Good luck!

  174. I had unprotected sex on my second fertile day. the guy ejaculated inside me but I immediately sat up could I still get pregnant?

  175. Hi I have a question for dna reason I slept with an ex march 30 and may 3 I’m trying to figure out when I conceived my lmp was April 15 I’ve slept with my boyfriend all in april can u please help me.

  176. I had sex on 18 March than i had very sort period about 1 day only thats too on 26 March as on 22 May sonograpy report says i m 8 weeks and 5 days pergnent what will be my date of conceive? i had very irregular period even some time it skip or a month as well..

  177. Hi please help I’m married an I messed up.. I have irregular periods so I went for a ultrasound on march 28 an it dated me at 10 weeks 3 days I. Have sex wth my hb at least once a week but I cheated on feb 19 the doc put my lmp at feb 12 an said I. O btwn the 23 an 1 who’s do u believe the. Father is an when I went to my obgyn appt the doc. Told me I had chlymdia witch my husband admitted to giving me over a year ago wld that efect how long sperm can live in me. Please help ease my mind

  178. My due date ids jan 22 so tryong to see when I.conceived

  179. Please someone help

  180. grateful&confused
    June 22nd, 2011 at 11:20 am

    On April 11 2011 I was given an ultrasound and was told…I was 7wks and 2 days pregnant my due date is nov 26 2011 on what day did I conceive

  181. grateful&confused
    June 22nd, 2011 at 11:30 am

    I know you recieve alot of request if you can assist me It would be truly be appreciated…on APRIL 11 2011 I receive an ultrasound and was told I was 7wks and 2 days pregnant i was given a due date of NOVEMBER 26 2011…Can you please tell me when did i actually conceive

  182. My LMP was June 8, 2011 – My husband works on the road so I planned a trip to see him. We had sex everyday maybe twice a day from June 15-19. I haven’t seen my husband sense March and after this little trip I will see him again until September. Can I be pregnant? Out of the norm I started feeling nauseous and sick to my stomach yesterday evening.

  183. If my child was born on november 22, 2002 when did i concieve?

  184. my due date is sept 10th .. what day do you think i conceived..

  185. if my period was may 21st when would i have ovulated

  186. HI .. i got my period on the 16th june had sex on the 21st of june with my bf of five years im 17? could i be pregnant? :D georgiaa x

  187. hello.. if i had my period on the 16th of june . had sex on the 21st am i pregnant :) been wit my bf five years and im only 17? x

  188. I got an ultrasound on January 13th that said I was 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Can you tell me my due date and date of conception?

  189. I’m pregnant, and had an ultrasound on May 2nd showing me to be 7 weeks 2days. I have normal 30 day cycles lasting about 4-5 days. When would you say the actual act of intercourse occurred? Thanks!

  190. I am now 14 weeks 6 days.:)

  191. I wanna ask something my last period was on april 18 2011 I took a test on the 5 of may it said im not pregnant I took another one on the 11 also in the 18 but I had sex on the 11 going into the 12 of may but the 18 said no also and after that I had sex 19,20,21,22,23,

  192. When did I conseved